Ergun Caner, Dearborn Arrests and James White

The day before Liberty University announced its decision, a Muslim asked on Facebook, “so how does Ergun Mehmet Butch Michael Giovanni Caner’s investigation going on?” Once the announcement was made, a dejected Muslims said, “This is it? If I were you man I would not be a lame professor.” The last comment has since been deleted because it shows how Liberty’s announcement sucked life out of Muslims’ endeavor. They have given up. They had hoped for Dr. Caner to be fired and had counted on some form of evidence from Liberty they could use on their ongoing propaganda against ex-Muslims. The “icing on the cake” has been DENIED! Thank you, Liberty!

We know very well Muslims’ motives. How about some Christians? Do you think they have one too? The Bible clearly shows us if we ask for the forgiveness of our sins, they are forgiven. Our repentance—whether private or public—equals our innocence before our fellow Christians! No Christian without a motive can insist that there has been no repentance after repentance. At this point, gathered evidence—regardless of its magnitude—doesn’t matter. The thief who was crucified on the cross did not have to enumerate his sins yet Jesus Christ accepted his repentance. How about the woman who was caught in adultery? Only an opportunist makes the lack of evidence of repentance an issue perhaps so that he can continue with his gloating. Muslims have moved on. It is time for Christians to follow suit.

On another note, four Christians were arrested in Dearborn two weeks ago. Their accounts of what transpired prior to the arrests at the Arab Festival differ from at least three other Christians who witnessed the arrests. There were hundreds of other Christians at the same festival who distributed tracts and Bibles without any run-ins with the police or security guards. Out of all these Christians, apparently, only four were targeted and arrested for “disorderly conduct.” Why this issue? I am bringing it up because Dr. Caner’s “vocal critic,” as even the media now portrays him, applies double standard because he declared their innocence even before the police could conclude its investigation. At least one witness has contacted him about his public position. He has rebuffed it. He has yet to retract his public statements, which contradict at least three Christian witnesses’ account, and issue an apology for rushing to judgment. Also, the same fellow calls himself a Christian yet he publicly has criticized the police and even encouraged these four Christians to file a civil lawsuit. Is this how the Word of God calls us to act toward those who persecute us? How about toward those in authority over us? Objectivity and integrity, where are you? Apparently, to Dr. James White they only matter when investigating Dr. Ergun Caner.

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  • Steve

    Hussein, you wrote “I have no doubt that the Acts 17 Apologetics missionaries were assaulted last year. However, what transpired this year is different from 2009. The Mayor of Dearborn has said on record that his police officers will use the same video evidence to prove their case…” Looking at the video on YouTube I’m not optimistic about the City’s overall case.

    • Hussein

      I have not watched the videos yet. Will do so shortly. So far, varying witnesses’ accounts. Do the videos show Muslims chanting “Allahu Akhbar” at the arrests? Thanks, Steve.

  • Rhology

    You apparently believe whatever Dr. James White says.

    You’re an evil dude, Hussein. Maybe I watched the video and have developed a habit of distrusting what Muslims say.

  • RazorsKiss

    But we can call the Acts 17 folks, as well as multiple witnesses out as liars, while supporting the Muslim kneecappers like Snow? That’s not a double standard at all. Unbelievable.

  • Rhology

    Maybe White was eager to pronounce the Dearborn missionaries exonerated b/c they have video evidence and experienced the same thing last year?
    Where is your objectivity? Can you even see truth past the blood that apparently fills your vision whenever James White says something?

    • Hussein

      I have no doubt that the Acts 17 Apologetics missionaries were assaulted last year. However, what transpired this year is different from 2009. The Mayor of Dearborn has said on record that his police officers will use the same video evidence to prove their case that Acts 17 missionaries were “disorderly” when they were arrested. What do you say about that? Take Dr. White’s account–who never saw the video footage, or the Mayor’s account, who has seen it? You apparently believe whatever Dr. James White says.

  • Dan Livingston

    Explain to me Craig what Mr. White has to do with the lies of Ergun Caner and how he overshadows them?

  • Craig Daliessio

    well said and well thought out. But the truth of the matter is this…in 6 months…maybe one year…Ergun caner will be as highly thought of as he ever was, or maybe even more highly regarded. James White will be even further removed into the darkness of the lunatic fringe where his kingdom now finds it’s boundaries, and the world at large will see him for the fraud he is, both as a scholar, as a “Christian” (quotations added because his brand borders on heresy per 1John) and as a man.
    No sane man behaves this way. For my ability to rant and spew venom, even I have long since stopped. James White will continue until the only person listening is himself in the inner monologue he has while driving to work.
    White and his brood of vipers possess the textbook makings of a cult. A strong leader surrounded by yes-men (or yes-woman) stooges who never ever disagree with him and who so anticipate his needs or wishes in a desperate attempt to curry his favor that they take on his personality exponentially. They would never dare dispute his position on anything. They quote him verbatim in discourse with others and never even notice that they do. (see Debbie Kaufman’s response to Peter Lumpkins this weekend where she literally quoted White verbatim in regards to Dr. Geisler and never realized she had done it, so knee jerk was her parroting her master’s voice.)They attack with more ferocity than he does in a vain effort to make him happy. They need a daddy.
    It is tragic but it will not end until the world realizes that Sherlock Holmes has no more Professor Moriarity, and collectively dismisses this particular Holmes for the fraud he is.
    Take care Hussein, you have done well here

    • Hussein

      Thank you for the encouragement. Would you please tone down your comments. Dr. White’s followers do not need a reason to justify their diatribe.

  • John

    U really believe that public lying calls for private repentance? Even though we all know Ergun said they were just misstatements which we both know is a lie right there. Or maybe you don’t know that cause you’re actually delusional and don’t believe he lied or did not bother to watch the footage. You have a vendetta of your own Hussein. And PLEEAASE stop talking about what “reformed” means. You are sadly clueless to what it is and the rich history throughout the Church. What do you know?

  • Dan Livingston

    Hussein, can you provide detailed explanations for the lies of Mr. Caner? I am waiting. It seems that again you are making ad hominem arguments instead of providing valid reasons as to why we should believe Mr. Caner to be honest and trustworthy.

    • Hussein


      What “detailed explanation” of Dr. Caner’s sins do you want me to provide to you that you are not are of? Why are you dwelling on the past? Dr. James White and his followers argue from scriptures how a Christian leader should be “above reproach.” I am just showing that Dr. White is not that kind of a leader. He is just in it to advance his cause. He is a student of Islam yet he also teaches Islam. What a contradiction! Integrity and Dr. White?

  • Bennett Willis

    If I were trying to make Christians look completely without ethics, my first choice for LU’s decision would to have never investigated EC’s past. The second choice would to investigate and then ignore what they found. Or maybe this would be my first choice–it is hard to decide.

    If they went away, they went away with grins on their faces, thanks to EC’s errors and the foolish support that he received from those who took one of the choices in the first paragraph..

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