The Glorified Deceit

On July 2, I wrote for the first time on the arrests of Acts 17 Apologetics missionaries in Dearborn, Michigan. Christians, including Dr. James White, urged their fellow Christians—even witnesses to the arrests—for restraint in passing their judgment because these missionaries had “everything” they did on video. While Dr. White asked Christians to wait for the video evidence, he did not stop from denigrating the City of Dearborn and its police department. I wondered how he would react this strongly when he was not in Dearborn, let alone be a witness. An Arab Christian even notified Dr. White of his concerns of Acts 17 missionaries and he was called to wait for the video evidence.

Dearborn Police Department returned the cameras “intact” or “without erasing all the footage” [Acts 17 Apologetics statements] a fortnight ago. As promised, footages of the arrests were posted. Most Christians, mostly Dr. White’s fans, quickly asked their fellow Christians to repent publicly for questioning the arrests. I have wondered how witnesses could recant what they witnessed prior to the arrests that footages don’t debunk.

Since posted footages weren’t answering questions, I wrote a post on July 19 of how 15-20 minutes of footage before the first arrest could provide clues. I was specific. Nageen’s arrest. A concerned Christian was upset with me. He sent me a message and we went back and forth for a while. He ended up asking Acts 17 on Facebook for the video footage prior to Nageen’s arrest. The message was clear. The footage should be what transpired before the first arrest. How hard can it be? Guess what video was posted? Dubbed, “The Missing Footage,” it has nothing to do with the first arrest. Nageen had already been arrested at that point. The public needs to know what happened that necessitated the criminal complaint. They want people to believe that they were victims of injustice. How evasive and misleading can they get? Can they just admit that not all of their activities—legal or “illegal”—were on camera?

Even with these questions still lingering, Dr. White still gives this group a platform to spread their myth about being arrested in Dearborn for being a Christian, etcetera. They were on “Iron Sharpens Iron” last Wednesday, courtesy of Dr. White, discussing the arrests. He “very highly recommended” the appearance.

Dr. White—a man known for his straight answers—keeps on changing his story as well. From his initial post about “the rule of law (not Sharia) in Dearborn” to the most recent one belittling Josh McDowell witnessing to Muslims. Apparently, he learned the hard way that Christians still preach or distribute Bibles and tracts in Dearborn. I wonder if he has ever been to Dearborn to write such a scathing initial post on the arrests. Does anyone know? Sad, how his objectivity is lacking and integrity somewhat wanting. It seems they matter only when investigating Dr. Ergun Caner. On that note, Liberty University rendered its verdict four weeks ago and that has not stopped Dr. White from continuing his discussion. A mere red herring because Dr. White refuses to acknowledge that he has been wrong in criticizing the Dearborn police, Josh McDowell ministries, other Christians and organizations. Evidence of his deceit is even on his Alpha & Omega Ministries website. His fans never question it. Instead, they glorify it.

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  • David Wood

    Mr. Wario,

    I have no clue who you are, but this is the most offensive Christian blog I’ve ever been on. Do you and Aliel Hajj really have nothing to do but sit around attacking Christians all day long? And do you do so on such flimsy evidence?

    You say we’re being misleading by calling our video “the missing footage.” Why did we call it that? Because we had posted footage of (1) Negeen’s arrest, and (2) Nabeel’s last dialogue, and people left comments telling us that we were screaming in between the two videos. People sent us requests for the missing footage between the two tapes. People even accused us of being deceptive by not posting this footage. So we posted it. Yet you are so filled with hatred against us that you would accuse of misleading people with our title???

    Now you’re asking for the footage before all of this, and we’re somehow being dishonest by not posting it. Well, we have every intention of posting it, but my partner Nabeel is out of the country, and I need his help in posting the video. Does Nabeel’s being out of the country make us deceptive?

    I don’t know why you hate us so much, since we’ve never met. Do you hate us simply because James White defended us? Is this enough to arouse your anger?

    I have another question as well. What are you going to do when we release the additional footage, and further lies are exposed? Are you going to move on as if you had never attacked us without warrant? Will your hatred for James White prevent you from apologizing? Will you follow the example of some of the Christian leaders in Dearborn, who lie about us, and when the lie is exposed, they simply make up another one?

    Does it really not bother you that we were standing on a street having a peaceful conversation, when we were thrown in jail? Does it really not affect you to think that police officers put their hands on your 18-year-old Christian sister, who left everything to follow Jesus? Are you really willing to ignore the lies of police and the mayor, who said that when they arrested us, we were inciting a riot, screaming at Muslims, etc. (and the video footage we released shows exactly what we were doing)? Has your hatred for James White grown so strong that it’s now the only thing you care about, and your fellow Christians are meaningless to you?

    • Hussein

      Mr. Wood,
      Thank you for commenting. I apologize for not responding sooner. I had a busy weekend. Just so you know, Ali and I don’t just “sit around attacking Christians all day long… on such flimsy evidence.” Ali is an Arab Christian, a native of Dearborn, who used to be a Muslim. If you want to know more about him or what he does, you can read it here I am a former Kenyan Sunni Muslim. I do my work from home.
      By the way, when people left you comments and sent you requests for “the missing footage between the two tapes,” they did so because they had read my post, “Dearborn Christian Missionary Arrests, the Missing Footage” on July 19. If you read that post you would see it was in reaction to James White who was calling for my repentance for doubting the reasons for your arrest. He also took a jab at Josh McDowell witness to Muslims to which Ali also responded. One of readers wrote on Acts 17 Facebook page on July 21 asking for the missing footage after reading my post and a Maria Wood responded promising the footage would be posted. Only then was your “missing footage” released on July 22. Does it answer any questions? Not at all because it does not cover what transpired before Negeen’s arrest, which I had highlighted as the missing piece in my July 19 post.
      I am sorry to hear that Acts 17 is undermanned. However, for the time it took for you to edit and produce your “coolest” entry into the festival (two videos) and also the “missing footage” which was not the one I referred to in my post, you should have at least produced this one video. I am sad to say it but many Christians doubt your story.
      I am very surprised that you bring James White into this discussion. He is irrelevant when it comes to discussing your arrests because he was not in Dearborn for the festival even when he had written the debates would be in the city and was not present when you were arrested. By the way, I do not have any hatred toward him or you.
      Mr. Wood, you ask us to not doubt your story but your videos do not have all records of your activities at the festival. Not every word you spoke is on tape. I know that for a fact because if it were, you would not be discussing your innocence here. I just have to be honest with you.
      Yes, it does bother me “that police officers put their hands on my 18-year-old Christian sister, who left everything to follow Jesus.” However, it also bothers me that my Christian sister was rude to the officers and was also resisting arrest. As for “the lies of the police and the mayor?” Whatever happened to, “Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse?” You have called them liars and even parodied them. Mark you; these are the authorities and regardless of how corrupt they are, as Christians we are compelled to bless them, obey them and also pray for them.
      Lastly, I have one question you. Why do you have Muhammad cartoons on Answering Muslims dot com? I hope to hear from you. Thank you again for commenting.

  • David Wood

    Anonymous said: “Actually, there’s mostly evidence of them lying. They said handing out bibles, evangelizing, and distributing Christian literature were prohibited at the festival, and are prohibited in Dearborn.”

    Could you give us the link where we said this? We’ve said that people were free to distribute materials at booths, but not walking around. But this is exactly what the rule was. How is it lying if we said exactly what happened?

    And where did we ever say that no one is allowed to distribute anything in Dearborn? We specifically said that distributing materials was allowed five blocks away from the festival.

    Does anyone else notice how desperate our critics are becoming? And does anyone notice how common it is becoming for people to lie about us in order to accuse us of lying?

  • Glenn Hendrickson

    Hussein, I’m curious. Are you saying that Acts 17 Apologetics has been deceitful (to borrow from your title) for not posting every second of video they took in Dearborn? Or is it because the missing footage wasn’t exactly what you expected to see? Should they have titled their YouTube video differently? Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not trying to come after you, I’m trying to understand what part of this you are upset with.

    also…. When did Dr. White criticize Josh McDowell? Is it wrong to criticize the Dearborn police for making false arrests?

    • Hussein

      1) The title refers to Dr. White who has been spinning the truth about what transpired in Dearborn.
      2) Acts 17 claim to have every second of their activity on tape yet they balk at providing one of the crucial footage. Witnesses have said they harassed Muslims and also crowded places. A friend requested the footage. So far, only edited footage has been posted.
      3) Yes, they should have titled their footage differently. The whole idea that Christian evangelists are not allowed or arrested for being a Christian in Dearborn is a LIE.
      4. Dr. White has criticized Josh McDowell and other Christian workers who live and work in Dearborn. You can read the previous article, the one on the “missing footage.” I have links to Dr. White’s blogs. Ali El-Hajj also answers Dr. White on his acts on Josh McDowell here.
      5. There is nothing with criticizing the police or protesting a false arrest. So far, we have nothing to prove beyond the shadow of any doubt that the arrests were illegal. Those who arrive at that conclusion base it only on edited video footage. I have seen some unedited pictures online and they show a) Acts 17 approached Muslims at a booth and were in some tents (they said they only approached people who approached them first) b) they crowded tents and you can see the police in the background. If we have to presume their innocence before the trial, we should accord the same to the police because Christian witnesses corroborate the legitimacy of the arrests.

      • Glenn Hendrickson

        Hussein, thank you for your well organized reply. When you say “Witnesses have said they harassed Muslims and also crowded places” could you provide names of these witnesses?

        Now I have seen the video footage posted by David and Nabeel. When you say it is edited are you contending that they have cut out the parts that expose them for the crimes your “witnesses” accuse them of? or are you simply saying that they added captions, an introduction/title, etc.? Editing can mean many things, most of which are very normal and help to clarify rather than deceive, I’m willing to entertain your proof of deceptive tampering if you have anything more than assertions and anonymous witnesses.

        Ok, I remember that post by James White, I actually linked to it on my blog. However there is nothing wrong with what Dr. White said. McDowell was taking a jab at the Dearborn Four because he didn’t get arrested for passing out free novels and complimenting visitor’s personalities. You have to admit that it was kind of rude to boast about not being arrested when fellow Christians were arrested and harassed (regardless of whether they deserved to be arrested).

        • James Oakley


          McDowell was taking a jab at the Dearborn four lying about

          1. Bibles were prohibited from being distributed
          2. Evangelism was not allowed

          The fact that you think that even a weak gospel presentation, like you characterize mcdowell’s, would be allowed under sharia law makes it clear you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Not to mention, his “weak presentation” of the Gospel is identical to what is offered by Christians in most parts of the country. Does that mean there is Sharia there?

          James White was not at the festival, and has no idea what he’s talking about, and at this point is just trying to avoid admitting he’s wrong.

          The fact that you assume that no biblical evangelism was done there, aside from the little that Acts 17 just did on camera, makes it clear you’ve never been to Dearborn and were not at the festival.

          If you care about the muslims at Dearborn, go do some evangelism there. Otherwise, it is obvious you just want to complain.

        • John C

          Oh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, I’m sure all the people who saw the stupid and arrogant way acts 17 was acting at the festival are going to come forward and give their names online. You guys have been attacking, even questioning the christianity, of everyone who has disagreed with their faux persecution. Why in the world would others step forward to be the objects of your internet attacks?

          A lot of things are going to come out in trial and later media. Patience is not just a GNR song.

  • Luis Dizon (Fisher)

    I don’t lie, Hussein. I realize that doc wasn’t in the actual perimeter of the festival, but he was close enough that he was able to converse with the missionaries just before the arrests took place. That aside, I have friends who were right there when it happened, and their testimonies corroborate doc’s statements.

    • Hussein


      Dr. White was in Walled Lake, MI, when he had lunch with Acts 17 missionaries, which is at least 30 miles from Dearborn, MI. How can that be “close enough” to have a conversation? Are you going to ask him if he was in Dearborn? Are your friends’ going to testify at the trial?

      Did your friends see dozens of other Christians handing out Bibles and witnessing at Muslim tables at the festival? One supporter of Mr. David Wood, the one screaming in one of the videos after they were arrested, was seen going up to Muslim tables and trying to convert them as well as sharing the gospel with children there. How come he wasn’t arrested?

      • Luis Dizon (Fisher)

        The location where they met is a minor side issue. The point is that Dr. White’s assessment of the Dearborn situation is quite accurate, and can be verified by multiple sources.

        And my friend is quite willing to testify in court if he is called to do so. However, he hasn’t, which is why the best he can do is post his youtube video detailing what he witnessed during the arrests.

        Perhaps it would help if you would mention to us who these Christians were who were handing out bibles at the festival without incident.

        • Hussein


          You now claim that location is a minor issue when you stated very clearly (on your blog) that Dr. White was in Dearborn when the arrest took place. How can his assessment be true when it contradicts other witnesses’ account and at least one video footage, which shows Mr. Wood’s friend who was proselytizing Muslims was not arrested?

          • Luis Dizon (Fisher)

            So I made a minor mistake. I should have said he was a *stone’s throw* away from Dearborn. I’ve corrected that already.

            Also, it seems like nitpicking to argue that since one person didn’t get arrested, Acts 17 must be wrong. So tell me Mr. Wario, what exactly DID Acts 17 do that got them arrested? We already know that they didn’t harass anybody or attempt to incite any riots (contra what the mayor would have people believe), so what did they do?

  • Luis Dizon (Fisher)
    • Hussein

      Now you are lying on behalf of Dr. White. ABN studios are located in Walled Lake, MI, and the debate took place in Romulus, MI. Dr. White has never said he was in Dearborn. So, quit speaking for him.

      • Nabeel

        I think you’re wrong, Hussein. Their mailbox might be in walled lake, but the studio is not there. It only takes about 10 minutes to get from the studio to the dearborn festival.

        • David Wood

          Not only was Hussein wrong, but he also accused Luiz of lying. So Hussein doesn’t even know where the studio is located, yet he was so desperate to attack Luiz, that he falsely accused him.

        • Hussein

          It only takes about 10 minutes to get from the studio to the dearborn festival.

          Were you the one driving? You must be speeding. I am not wrong. ABN studios are in Walled Lake, MI, a 30-minute drive to Dearborn. I know people who went to ABN studios during the festival.

  • AKuyper

    Perhaps you should repent of your bitterness toward Dr. White evident in posts like this one and return to more fruitful pursuits.

    • Hussein

      I have no bitterness toward Dr. White. He mostly pontificates and only the blind and oblivious fans like you fail to see who he really is. Would you please ask him if he has ever been to Dearborn? How would you justify his double standard: asking Christians to refrain from judging Acts 17 Apologetics while he denigrates Dearborn police? Do you have an answer?

      • AKuyper


        I am not a blind and oblivious fan of Dr. White. What you have presented here is called an “Argument from Silence.” It is fallacious.

        There is evidence in both the lives of the Acts 17 members as well as their videos that they have told the truth concerning the Dearborn incident. You have none to the contrary. Likewise, there is evidence that Ergun Caner has fabricated his testimony. You have none to the contrary.

        Those at Liberty University have expressed concern regarding those who continue to try and defend Ergun Caner or to “get back” at those (like Dr. White) who uncovered his sin. It would appear that you are a blind and oblivious follower of Ergun Caner. I hope that this is not the case.

        Please search your heart. Your efforts are becoming exceedingly irrational. Exhibit some humility.

        • anonymous

          Actually, there’s mostly evidence of them lying. They said handing out bibles, evangelizing, and distributing Christian literature were prohibited at the festival, and are prohibited in Dearborn.

          However, dozens of Christians and several churches had presences at the same festival, handed out bibles, evangelized(even going up to muslim tables, including one of wood’s supporters, the screaming guy), without incident. In addition, several local groups go out weekly into the muslim neighborhoods, handing out bibles, evangelizing, etc.

          There is no doubt that Acts 17 lied regarding this. Are you interested in the truth, or are you interested in what you want to believe? I invite you to contact some local church groups and evangelists in Dearborn if you actually are interested in the truth and not just pointing fingers from outside.

      • Pat


        It is clear from the evidence provided already (even if it is not the complete footage at this point) that the Dearborn Police LIED about Acts 17 in their police report. This can be VERIFIED, because the DPD speak to the time of the arrests, which are depicted in the video footage provided by Acts 17. This is grounds to condemn the falsehoods promulgated by the DPD.

        Will you address the clear falsehoods reported by the DPD and the false statements made by the Mayor of Dearborn? If you haven’t had a chance to listen to the Mayor’s dialogue with David Wood on a radio program with Bob Siegel. The Mayor presented a poor case, retracted some claims he made, and failed to answer the important questions posed by Wood.

      • Ken Cook


        are you still a muslim… sure seems like it to me.

        • Hussein

          You know the answer. Thanks, Ken.