Acts 17 Apologetics’ Claims Examined

My Free Speech Trumps the Gospel” was supposed to be my last post relating to Acts 17 Apologetics but here we are again. Since my last post, there have been two posts attempting to discredit me. David Wood even recruited people to take on me. Here is his call to them, “I hereby invite our readers (especially you, Fat Man!) to thoroughly expose Hussein Wario, and to continue drawing attention to his deceptions, until he repents of this profound wickedness.” Fat Man indeed answered Mr. Wood’s call and attempted, masquerading as an African Inland Mission missionary to Kenya. He failed miserably with his comment initial here. He has since remained silent, whining about my book.

Jason Smathers of Witnesses Unto Me claims that I criticize Acts 17 Apologetics because of my “extreme devotion to Ergun Caner… [because] James Dr. White brought attention to Ergun Caner’s sin,” I “became enraged” and “when Dr. White supported Acts 17, it was “guilty by association.” I would like to set the record straight. Fist of all, I am not a devotee of Dr. Caner. I came to his defense simply because Muslims were dismissing him as a fake ex-Muslim. Secondly, I am not pointing out problems with Acts 17 Apologetics because of my previous support for Dr. Caner. You can read my blog, starting with the initial one on May 12, and find out for yourself whether I was excusing Dr. Caner’s sin.

Here is why I am involved. Whereas Dr. Caner was quiet, Acts 17 Apologetics has been defending itself, accusing everyone who has disagreed with them, even threatening “to expose” him or her. I know at least one other individual who Mr. Wood has threatened… is that what Dr. Ergun Caner did? Did he take it to the radio or his blog to call his critics liars? Did Dr. Caner dismiss his fellows who were involved in outreach to Muslims as impostors? Acts 17 and Dr. White dismissed Josh McDowell’s ministry in Dearborn. Ali El Hajj responded to Dr. White’s criticism of Josh here. I did it too, here.

I have never heard of defendants in a criminal case who are in their right mind  even when all evidence points to their innocence) talk publicly about an impending trial lest they are willing to prejudice their case. The following are contradictions that Acts 17 Apologetics have exhibited publicly. I will give context for each and every one of them lest Mr. Wood accuses me of taking their words out of context again.

Mr. Wood told Jason Smathers last week that “he was unaware of the policy preventing leafleting within five blocks and was not aware of Pastor George’s case until after he was detained for attempting to leaflet” on Sunday, June 20, 2010, two days after he was arrested. Jason is really good at investigating but I am surprised that he did not catch that Mr. Wood contradicts himself from what he said a few hours before he was arrested on Friday, June 18, 2010. Here is the video at 6:00-6:12 mark. Acts 17 Enters the Dearborn Arab Festival (PART ONE), “If you are a Christian here, if you want to walk up in so much as to give a pamphlet to someone who disagrees with you, to a Muslim, you will be arrested and forced to leave this public street.”

Also, on Saturday, June 19, the day after their arrest, Dr. Nabeel Qureish said, they did “not handout pamphlets whatsoever.” Why? They would have risked arrest. This shows they knew the festival rules were clear. People (Christians, Muslims and other non-Muslims) were required to handout literature from a booth. No exception. These guys knew the rules of the festival before hand and they went leafleting anyway two days after their arrest, looking for trouble. It is very sad how Mr. Wood deceives his audience. I am shocked that even Jason the investigator has been duped! How could Mr. Wood claim last week he did not know the rules last week? Here is their video, “Arab Festival 2010: Arrested for Being Christian Preachers in Dearborn,” Watch from 2:49 minute mark.

Mr. Wood’s story is changing. He said in response to a comment on my blog, “It still amazes me that people have to make things up in order to attack us. When did we say that no evangelism was allowed in Dearborn? When did we say that no one was free to distribute Bibles in Dearborn? This is sheer deception on the part of our critics.” He says in the above-mentioned video they would be arrested for distributing Bibles in Dearborn. Do his claims—given at various places and times—comport with the video from the first day of the festival? Absolutely not!

Two things are clear so far. Acts 17 Apologetics knew the rules of the festival. The initial video recorded when they entering the festival proves it. Their critics have not been changing their version of their story; Acts 17 has.

Negeen’s Arrest: I pointed out a video yesterday that shows that Mr. Wood has been misleading the public about what transpired before Negeen’s arrest. She wasn’t arrested as soon as the police stopped her. In fact, the other arrests could have been avoided had she complied. The police would have investigated the “criminal complaint” and left them alone. Read the police report for yourself. Mr. Wood wasn’t pleased with my observation because I was pointing to a video, which another Christian had put together from Acts 17 Apologetics footage showing events leading to the arrest. He was incensed and unleashed his followers on me. Here is the video.

Mr. Wood and his followers were upset that I was unconcerned of Negeen’s arrest. I am very concerned. However, if her behavior toward the police officer does not disturb you as a Christian, you have a problem understanding “submission to authority.” Mr. Wood even quotes two states’ laws on Acts 17 Apologetics web page justifying Negeen’s resisting arrest:

An illegal arrest is an assault and battery. The person so attempted to be restrained of his or her liberty has the same right to use force in defending him or herself as he or she would in repelling any other assault and battery.” (State v. Robinson, 145 ME. 77, 72 ATL. 260).

Each person has the right to resist an unlawful arrest. In such a case, the person attempting the arrest stands in the position of a wrongdoer and may be resisted by the use of force, as in self- defense.” (State v. Mobley, 240 N.C. 476, 83 S.E. 2d 100).

some guy named Paul tried to challenge how Mr. Wood quoted Maine and North Carolina state laws to argue a criminal case in Michigan. He has essentially been debunked but he can’t accept it. Here is his response, “Nice try Paul. The point is that everyone is attacking Negeen (including you, it seems), because she questioned the officer’s order. But he had no right to tell her to stop filming, and he had no right to put his hand on her. Are you saying that the Constitution suddenly changes in Michigan, and that police can illegally seize property, and illegally put their hands on a young girl who hasn’t done anything wrong? I hope you never get to make laws in our country! It would be a very different place if people lose their rights!” He has not shown that it is legal in Michigan to resist arrest. Then why does he still have these laws on his website to justify her resisting arrest? Mr. Wood is evasive.

Was Negeen proud of her bravery? Absolutely not! She was embarrassed and apologized to the police for her actions. The police report, “[Negeen] Mayel finally became cooperative and stated that she told by Qureshi, Wood and Rezkalla to “continue filming no matter what”. She further stated that she had nothing to do with the incident with Williams… she repeatedly apologized for her actions and stated she was only doing what she was told to do.” Page 11.” I am proud of Negeen for apologizing for her dismissal attitude toward the police. How sad that she was misled into resisting arrest because Mr. Wood et al wanted footage! Who would save her from being manipulated!

Mr. Wood’s deception went nationwide. Fox News picked up the story. Mr. Wood and his lawyer appeared on the program. The host talked about how the four were arrested that day in Dearborn. Fox News host even said Christians were “arrested for handing out copies of the Gospel of John.” Neither Mr. Wood nor his lawyer refuted that false statement about the alleged arrest. I doubt they told the host that the footage was taped two days after the arrests. What did Fox News do with the video? It is no longer available on Fox News website. I wonder if they know what some of us know.

Kelly Boggs of the Baptist Press lambasted the City of Dearborn after the arrest. He was misled and believed the same story Fox News disseminated. He investigated the matter and later apologized for his error. He wrote in his apology, “The Baptist State Convention of Michigan also distributed materials during the festival. “Our teams had a strong presence and had no issues at all,” wrote Carlos Liese, language ministry leader with the Michigan convention, in an e-mail. “Our volunteers had many conversations about Christ with participants, passed out 2000 ‘Jesus Film’ DVDs and 500 copies of the Gospel of John and Romans in Arabic.”” Those Baptists were actually busy doing what Acts 17 Apologetics claimed to be doing “illegally.” Drop your cameras and carry some Bibles next year!

Why is Acts 17 Apologetics misleading the public? Why does Dr. White still support them? Iron Sharpens Iron hosts said Acts 17 “ministry comes very highly recommended by frequent “Iron Sharpens Iron” guest, renowned Christian apologist and biblical scholar Dr. James R. White of Alpha & Omega Ministries.” At 15:00-17:00, Mr. Wood said, “Astonishingly, they didn’t erase all the footage, so we started posting the footage immediately and all the people who were criticizing and condemning us have been shockingly silent.”

And why would Mr. Wood lie on Iron Sharpens Iron about the police and their video footage and also Christians who disagree with his contradictory statements?

More of Mr. Wood’s deception: He still claims that he had permission to tape Muslims in 2009. Here is one case, just as he entered the festival this year. In a video “Acts 17 Enters the Dearborn Arab Festival (PART ONE)”. At minute 0:50-1:09, Mr. David Wood says, “Muslims at the booth gave us permission twice” to tape.

Here is a video that exposes how Mr. Wood is misleading the public.

Acts 17 Apologetics did not have permission to record conversations and they were also harassing people last year. Why would Mr. Wood lie? Watch it for yourself here.

Even Christians who believed Mr. Wood’s and Acts 17 Apologetic’s initial story are beginning to have doubts. I hope Acts 17 Apologetics apologizes to Dearborn Police Department, especially for Mr. Wood’s conduct. They should heed the advice of their fellow Christians and get their own booth next year. As they already know, failure to obey the rules of the festival—getting a booth—they might as well get ready for another night or more in jail. Mr. Wood said a few hours before his arrest, “Just as a piece of advice to all Muslims in the world, if you don’t want us to do something, don’t threaten us, then we have to do it.” Acts 17 Enters Dearborn Part I. minute 6:15-6:56. Acts 17 Apologetics should exercise some wisdom and stop acting on your impulses just because some Muslims taunt you. They need to repent for their deception.


Acts 17 Apologetics missionaries would have avoided the arrest had Negeen complied with the officer’s request to investigate the “criminal complaint.” It is very possible that Mr. Williams “framed” them even though they had at one point, according to witnesses, blocked “a whole road” with the crowd gathered around them. I have nothing against them, except they have so many holes in their story, especially Mr. Wood, and are arrogant.

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  • Jennifer

    I’m wondering if Mr. Wood and his friend feel at all ashamed that they are hiding behind a young girl in order that they keep spreading their falsehoods. When anyone tries to ask for the truth, they jump behind young Nageem. It reminds me of how Hezbollah shoots their rockets from civilian buildings, so that when the Israelis return fire, the civilians are killed and Hezbollah can use it for their political gain.

    I hope and pray that young Nageem doesn’t end up killed for the arrogance of Mr. Wood.

    • Zack T

      I’ll have to agree with Sophia when she said, “Do you expect anyone to think that you have sincere regard or concern for Negeen when you can’t even spell her name correctly?”

      And I’m suspecting mischief here since both you and Paul are spelling Negeen’s name the exact same way… despite plenty of comments and this post itself spelling Negeen correctly.
      I suspect that ‘Jennifer’ and ‘Paul’ (and not to mention, ‘Jan’ too) are one in the same.. and with good reasons that I’m sure others (not biased to Wario) would agree/concur.

      Best of luck with your deceptive plays. Truth always prevails.

  • Zack T

    Yes, indeed, Ekbert. As you said, how does Hussein know Lopes was Fat Man?
    (I don know if he is, or isn’t. I’m just saying)

    Looking at the post and the back-forth comments between Hussein and Lopes… I figured out why he made that link…
    It was because in Hussein’s 2nd response to Lopes, he assumed Lopes was Fat Man by ending his comment with “Am I clear? You have crossed the line, Fat Man!”

    Unfortunately, according to Lopes, Hussein has deleted his answer/response since then, and has decided to stop commenting any further.
    (I don’t know Fat Man personally or long enough, but I have commented/debate against him reasonably enough to hold the opinion he doesn’t back down so quickly/easily)

    And as everyone has been demanding from you, Mr Hussein, please list the festival rules that the Acts17 team broke on that Friday.

    And then, if you finally do, please explain how breaking those rules warranted their arrests and their properties being confiscated.
    (I’m curious as to how breaking a festival rule can lead or require someone to be arrested immediately.. instead of warning once or twice.)

    And please explain why is Negeen’s arrest NOT uncalled for?
    What was the ‘criminal complaint’? Why was it right for the officer to demand Negeen to turn off her camera; lay his hands on her; and also not explain what the criminal complaint was about?
    Also, what warranted the officers demanding/ordering Negeen to undress herself in front of male offciers? Was that right?

    Has this been mentioned yet? I’ve not noticed it mentioned anywhere or by anyone. (Maybe I overlooked)

    What about the fact that the officers did not explain anything to the Acts17 team on the reason for their arrest?
    e.g. “You are under arrest for committing *so and so* felony, YOu have the right to…..”
    There was none of that. Just pop in, ‘we need to talk to you’, drag drag to the side, then on goes the silver bracelets on their hands.

    Why are you, Hussein, defending the officers for doing such arrests that disrespect and violates the rights of the Acts17 team to know what they’re arrested for, assuming it was legal and right to arrest them?

    • Mr Lopes

      Hi everyone:
      Fat Man is not me. Am I clear?
      I complained to David that Hussein was not approving my posts. Only after David pointed out that my messages were being deleted, Hussein put them back or approved them later.

      There were a couple of things that attracted me for this discussion.

      1. Hussein is from Kenya and I have been working in Kenya for 10 years and never heard about Hussein before. I WORK with Muslim groups in Kenya. Fair enough ORMA people is an unreached group, so far, but to say that his life is in danger after 24 years, is quite another history. I dont buy it. I assume that was the reason he doesnt want me in this discussion. What he did? ATTACKED my integrity. So I questioned also his ability of doing a proper research. If he can distort the facts so quickly, I have no business with him.

      2. I entered in this discussion to ask him to apologize and keep on with his life. This is my first post: “What a mess you have put yourself. Do not say what you dont know, bro, it will only defame yourself. Show some African wisdom, stay away from issues that you do not understand.” But SHAME is a big thing for an african. He will not apologize because Hussein’s culture has a bigger influence on his actions.

      3. Hussein is MOSTLY operating with data collected from the Police, Mayor’s office, Christians who do not approve ACTS 17 approach AND Muslim sources, while WE are dealing primarily with the VIDEO FOOTAGES that ACTS 17 provided. We have chosen to BELIEVE in our brothers in Christ. Their story makes sense. I would not support them if there was something FISHY about their story. Hussein chose the opposite side and his reasons can not hold water.

      4. I have been following the story from last year, so it is clear to me, who is LYING. Muslims have gain control of Dearborn, it is undeniable and Acts 17 wanted to expose this double standards. They did it very well. Congratulations.

      Hussein this is for you:
      Show some respect towards Christian Ministries and MISSIONARIES. You have buried yourself and your credibility.

      Nevertheless, Jesus tell us that REPENTANCE is the right way forward. You will be forgiven and your NAME and Ministry may be restored.

      Forgive-me if I said things that hurt you. POLE SANA.
      Take courage and apologize for your bad behavior. MONVE ON.

      • Hussein

        Good to know that you are not FAT MAN because Fat Man has a heart which nothing good has come out of so far. I will address comments he made here and here next week. Mr. Wood will probably delete those comments before my post comes out but I have them saved and will show the true colors of Acts 17 Apologetics followers, among other things. By the way, your comments were held in moderation because you are STILL using a fake email address attributed to a FAKE African Inland Mission missionary. Where is your integrity? Do you think I worry about my background? Missionaries who know me from my years in Kenya can corroborate my story.
        You have been working in Kenya for 10 years and never heard about me. Would you care to tell us what province? What is “Muslim groups in Kenya?” Do you mean a tribe/people group that is predominantly Muslim or a Muslim sect? You say, “Fair enough ORMA people is an unreached group.” How come you got this fact wrong before and it took you THREE days to get it straight? You claimed that you knew my people group and in the same comment contradicted yourself saying I was either “Oromo or Borana.” I debunked your myths here. You claim that my life is not in danger after 24 years,” would you care to tell us where you pulled 24 years from? By the way, I left Kenya 14 years ago. I came to know the Lord in 1989. How do you claim to know the facts about my life when you even mix up your own timeline? You don’t know me because you were not in Kenya when I was in Kenya. People in the Coast Province know me or have heard about my persecution. It has been documented for years. I mentioned the 1998 book, The Call of Africa by a former AIM missionary Morrill Swart. How come you have not answered any questions from that comment? Would you care to answer? The same book from page 479 has my persecution story. You can read page 479 on Google Books here. And if the link doesn’t work go to and type in “hussein poison the call of africa” and you can read it.
        There was no reason that your comments were held in moderation other than your use of a FAKE Missionary email address. Please check out the comment board and see for yourself. I publish even insults directed at me. I ATTACKED your integrity because you are still using a FAKE Missionaries email address. Where is your integrity? Don’t worry about my “ability of doing a proper research.” Acts 17 has more to answer. Nitatoboa zaidi!

  • Sophia

    Hussein, I am beginning to believe that the people who are saying that trying to reason with you or your supporters like this Paul is futile.

    I am outraged that you still have not retracted this attack against Negeen. How can you criticize her about “submission to authority” when you continue to refuse to submit to the authoritative Word of God which tells of the revolutionary life of Christ and all the apostles? These four Christians are living according to the example in Scripture! As for the laws of men, Jason has pointed out that in the published rules of the festival not ONE rule was broken by Acts 17 or associates.

    Hussein, you have criticized David Wood for calling upon his “followers” to attack you. At what point does he call for others to rebuke you…is it when you attack him? No, it is for Negeen, his little sister in the Lord who escaped from a dangerous situation trusting in the Lord to protect her and to provide for her through His people…her new family in Christ!

    So who is acting as her family? Is it you, Hussein? No! You are leading the attack! You are championing her tormenters even telling her to apologize to those who violated her in an illegal, disgusting abuse of their power!

    Where is your compassion and understanding, Hussein…you, who claim to have endured persecution as a former Muslim?! See Odo’s response below where he actually thinks the whole situation through in her shoes. This is what I’m talking about. Where is your empathy for a little girl who was attacked by her Muslim relations (not merely with words!) for becoming a Christian and whose very life was endangered because of her brave faith in Jesus Christ and who now is being persecuted by the dhimmis in Dearborn? Should this be her view of Christians…as perpetrators of back-biting and slander? Is this what she left Islam to endure? You may criticize David, but I am glad that he is calling for others to defend her, demonstrating the zeal of a true brother in Christ, so that she knows that some Christians, at least, are supporting her.

    If you are a former Muslim, then of all people you should be the quickest to come to Negeen’s aid not the one who is loudest at the forefront of attacks against her!

    Please repent!

    • Hussein

      Sophia, I am beginning to wonder if you and Mr. David Wood are one and the same, or writing from the same computer. Your comments are coming from the same IP address :-)
      I have not attacked Negeen, just her handlers. Read Mr. Wood’s post here and tell me if he did not ask his followers to “expose” me.
      I am willing to make “private” all my posts associated with Acts 17 Apologetics if they apologize to Christians in Dearborn, Dearborn Police Department for accusing if of enforcing the Sharia and also for disrespecting the authority. By the way, do you know if Negeen has retracted her apology to the police officers who arrested her? Thank you very much.

      • Sophia

        No Hussein, I am not David Wood. How tiresome!

        Moving on to relevant topics…You say that you are not attacking Negeen, yet you stated in this article that she is to blame for all of the arrests (which btw doesn’t even make sense). How is placing all the blame on her not an attack? How is accusing her of ungodliness not an attack?

        I agree that David told people to “expose” you. I might have used different wording like “rebuke,” but in any case, if you examine my statement you will see that my whole point is that he called upon others to expose you AFTER you posted a poor, deceitfully-spliced video by a man trying to mislead people into believing he was Nabeel Qureshi of Acts 17, in which the video maker calls Negeen “ungodly” and lacking in “fruits of the Spirit”, calling upon her to apologize to Dearborn police officers. You have affirmed the statements of the video and continue to insist that the police deserve an apology.

        I find the last bit particularly disturbing. You’ve said that you are a former Muslim who has endured persecutions, and I am taking your word on it (although your lack of empathy for a fellow persecuted believer is creating some doubt in my mind). So as someone who has been down the road of persecution, how would you feel if someone asked you to apologize to the people who persecuted you? Wouldn’t this be adding insult to injury? Can you imagine how psychologically damaging it is to demand that a victim apologize to the ones who violated her? Do you really believe that the police acted honorably? What about when they asked her to strip her outer clothes while they looked on and talked about her attractiveness? Was this the so-called “investigation” they wanted to pursue? After all, when the group explained that the cameras contained the evidence demonstrating their innocence of the “criminal complaint,” the officers showed no interest in viewing the footage only throwing them all into jail. I guess if they had watched the videos, then they wouldn’t have been able to make Negeen take off her clothes in front of them. I am certain that if you were not biased, you would be horrified about Negeen’s treatment as well as what happened to the others. I simply would like to see you extend some brotherly empathy to Negeen instead of condemnation.

        And yes I do know Negeen’s position. I have contacted her; it’s quite easy, you should try it. So yes, she does know that the Dearborn PD were liars when they told her that her actions were illegal in order to prompt her apologies. Her lawyer of the Thomas More Law Center has informed her of the truth about her rights under the Constitution.

        Finally, you say that you will switch all these blog posts to private if Acts 17 & co. apologize to the police and to the Christians of Dearborn, but earlier you told Nabeel that you would apologize and remove all these posts if/when they are exonerated. I hope that you are not rescinding on that promise to Nabeel. Frankly, I think that you should remove all these posts until the final verdict is in. As has been pointed out to you several times, you have taken the stance of “guilty until proven innocent,” which is not only unbiblical but also ungenerous even by the world’s standards.

        • Paul


          Wake up and smell the coffee. Wood is manipulating young Nageem for his own purposes. I have little doubt if she was harmed because Wood keeps sticking her on T.V. to try to protect his own silliness, Wood would use such a tragedy to further promote himself. He’d probably get more speaking engagements, too.

          We know that Wood and Nabeel have lied about Dearborn, the Christians there, people who were their for the festival, and so on. You really have to wonder when someone has to defend themselves by tearing down everyone else, such as Acts 17 did. “We were the only ones vocally proclaiming the gospel” and “other people were handing out silly, watered down literature like Josh McDowell” when Wood’s own supporter, James White, says he handed out “Christian literature” in Arizona and Utah, and apparently it was acceptable to do so then.

          Let’s not forget the exact bible that Wood claimed caused so much problems and he was unable to give out, was given out by the dozens if not hundreds by others who encountered no problem. This goes back to the same problem, that Acts 17 has no interest in the gospel being spread in Dearborn, they only have an interest in their agenda being spread.

          Shame, shame. I do hope you don’t think defending the deceit and lies of Acts 17 is somehow a biblical substitute for doing evangelism yourself. When are you planning your trip to Dearborn?

          • Zack T

            Paul said…
            ” “We were the only ones vocally proclaiming the gospel” and “other people were handing out silly, watered down literature like Josh McDowell” when Wood’s own supporter, James White, says he handed out “Christian literature” in Arizona and Utah, and apparently it was acceptable to do so then.”

            Uh… what has White’s distributing Christian literature outside of Dearborn got to do with anything?

            And we are very well aware of others distributing ‘Christian literature’ in the festival FROM the booths
            Wood and others were well aware that they couldn’t do such IN the festival, because they didn’t rent a booth. They didn’t know it was against the rules to distribute OUTSIDE the festival…. ON a PUBLIC sidewalk.
            I’m troubled you are not troubled by that.

            It’s like saying ‘anti-war protesters’ are not allowed 5 blocks from the fence of the White House. It’s unconstitutional.
            May God reveal to you the truth with regards to this matter, Paul and Wario… And may God be merciful that the US Constitution continues to be uphold and remembered by the US citizens.

  • Gem

    If I must be rude but firm I would just say “get the hell out of people’s business wario!!!”
    It is none of your business!!! Then we just move on spreading the Gospel and let wario move on spreading the chief liar of Satan!!!!

    • Hussein

      Thank you, Gem, for your seal of disapproval! The Lord knows my heart. He knows if I am “spreading the chief liar of Satan!!!”

    • Paul

      Gem, can you tell us your experiences with spreading the Gospel in Dearborn?


    • Paul

      Can you tell us your experience and history of spreading the Gospel in Dearborn(and I don’t mean just for photo ops and putting video on the internet).

      Specifically, tell us when, where, and who you shared the gospel with, what tools you used(arabic bibles, what?)


    • Jan

      Gem, can you tell us your experience with ministry in Dearborn?

      Specifically, when and where did you go, what did you do, what did you hand out, what was their reaction, and things like that.


    • Jennifer


      Hello, can you please tell us your experience with ministry in Dearborn?

      Specifically, when did you go, what did you do, who did you speak or minister to, and what materials did you hand out?


  • Gem

    Warior & Paul

    What nonsense accusation you two are throwing to the air? I could no see any validity at all but nonsense and nonsense…

    I am not so intelligent but with an IQ lower than you I can sense smelly fish here.
    Warior, do you think you would like to imitate Dr James White when he could and can prove Ergun Caner’s false public confession? Warior, just because you could not and still can not win over the debut with Dr James White than you think you can win over Dr David Wood?

    In my eyes now, I even doubt you are a believer. You act not like a believer you act just like muslim.

    Look your self in the mirror.. who are you trying to represent apart from yourself?

    Shame on you!! the hypocrite!!!!!!

  • Ekbert

    OH NO! I just noticed Mr. Woods post and his blog response! Oohh gosh i just wasted all this time typing that up! Awww silly me :p Oh well..

    • Ekbert

      Just as I suspected, from Wood’s blog everything I said is correct. And Nageen is actually in the under five foot club! Amazing! Go Nageen! Get louder next time when the officer does not explain why, and ask him/her “is this a request or a lawful order”. You have every right to know what you did wrong. If you are filming on public property, a private individual has the right not to approach. You have the right to keep filming.

  • Ekbert

    I also ask with all sincerity, for all the Brothers and Sisters to please stop calling each other deceptive or liars etc. And if someone calls you a liar please try to understand why they do so, and explain to them why it is not so. I think there are some Christians who are a little confused about what really happened with Acts 17, and the only way for them to be un-confused is for Acts 17 to win in court, which, Lord willing, they will. (But let me tell you, if that jury is composed of Dearborn Muslims…man oh man…you probably need a miracle).

    Peace and Grace

    - Odo

  • Ekbert

    Now I had some questions of you Mr. Hussein:

    1)How can you be sure (what evidence have you) that it was the blogger named Fat Man who masqueraded as an African Inland Missionary? (go Nigeria!)

    2) Who in the world has Mr. David Wood threatened? (I hope you don’t mean Roger Williams).

    3) Erm… there were other things but I’m getting sleepy from typing. Good bye Mr. Hussein, I will pray for you and may God Bless you.

  • Ekbert

    Mr. Hussein. I read a few chapters of your book on Google books. It is a good book. Maybe you are just confused about a few things.

    1) Mr. Wood was unaware of the policy preventing leafleting within five blocks. What I gather from the videos posted by Mr. Wood, is that he was under the impression leafleting was OK as long as he was outside the festival (hence he says “if you give a pamphlet you will get arrested” – which is true inside the festival – Luke can attest to this). Mr. Wood didn’t know anything about a “five block rule”; he only knew you had to be outside the festival. There is no contradiction.

    2) Mr. Qureshi (btw Bro. Hussein, you keep spelling his name wrong :p) said what he said because he wanted people to know they weren’t handing out pamphlets, which was against festival rules. You are right they would have risked arrest (is that not sad?). Again Mr. Hussein, Mr. Wood did not know about the “five block” rule. He only knew you can leaflet outside the festival, and he knew all the rules which would apply to him inside the festival, none of which he broke. There is no contradiction.

    3) Mr. Wood does not say in the above mentioned video that passing out Bibles and evangelism are not allowed in Dearborn. We need to take context into consideration, and understand he is talking about the festival itself. Not all of Dearborn. There is no contradiction.

    4) I am really disappointed about this whole Nageen thing. I have to say, the FIRST time I watched the video of her arrest…I was rather dismayed by her behavior. But then I sat back and realized I’m just basing my opinion on my past experiences; I came away with a much different view after watching for the second time. Ok, hypothetical situation. Mr. Hussein I ask you to put yourself in an 18 yr old girls shoes. You are a little western girl, I should say tiny, the 5 foot club. You are an ex Muslim at an Arab fest surrounded by Muslims (and u know what being an ex Muslim means). You are hanging out filming some brothers. All of a sudden a giant cop puts his brawny hand on your little shoulder and calls you a criminal, literally, says that you have committed criminal activity – that someone has reported a complaint. Not only that but this giant intimidating man will not answer your question of “what criminal complaint”, in fact this man refuses to answer anything you ask him and gazes on mysteriously. Without giving a single reason, this man puts his hands all over you, and to top it all off asks you to turn off your camera, after which he rips it out of your hand. Think about it Mr. Hussein, how would a little 18 yr old react? She would be scared, frightened, and confused as all heck. I have been in situations where a police officer wanted me to stop filming, guess what Mr. Hussein, never in my life has a police officer put his hands on me or my camera, even if I refused to stop filming (I would just point camera at the ground, you always get audio that way :) . Do you think the cop would lay his hands all over you like he did Nageen? Or do you think he took a little bit of liberty because it wasn’t a six foot male he was asking?

    5) While some Christians are busy spending mass amounts of money, and raising mass amounts of money, to buy and pass out countless Bibles which western Muslims will in turn use to support their faith and discredit Christianity with (nothing wrong with that), Mr. Wood and Acts 17 are courageously, vocally, and openly preaching The Good News of our Lord while taking on every objection and criticism dished out. Talk of Jesus as God is always going on with these Brothers. They are explaining things which Muslims whom read those free Bibles (one gospel? maybe some prophets and Exodus?) usually come away with after having interpreted it in a Quranic context and understanding while strengthening their faith in Islam. Mr. Wood is not only answering those objections on the spot in a way that is true to the Word of God and will stick with force in the souls of people whom approach him, he also records these very common Muslim objection which thousands of Muslims hold worldwide, and exposes thousands of Muslims worldwide to the truth of that objection by posting it on his blog. In a way Mr. Wood and Acts 17 finish what some preachers start (or should I say clean up?). They educate. And please, brothers and sisters, we cannot just talk about Jesus to Muslims, we need to talk about Jesus as God to Muslims.

    Actually substitute Mr. Wood with Nabeel in that last paragraph…sorry David, but Nabeel, well wow, that Brother can PLANT! And he deserves the credit, you understand.

    And Mr. Hussein, I can tell you that next year there will be many more Christians preaching the Word the way it was intended, with NO booth :p Just strolling around…maybe a camera or two…any problems with that? What if 100 Christians do what Acts 17 did and decide to go and make some videos and carry cameras around while talking about Christ at next year’s Arab fest? Will all 100 be arrested?

    Peace and grace
    - Odo

  • David Wood


    This post is a new low, even for you. Here’s my response:

    • Hussein

      Mr. Wood,
      What do you have to say about giving the wrong account to Fox News’ host? Can you explain, please? You did not correct him and many millions believe that story. You also claimed on “Iron Sharpens Iron” that Dearborn police “did not erase all the footage” while Dr. Nabeel said the police returned your cameras “intact.” Any explanation on your part for these discrepancies? Why did you mislead the public?

      • David Wood


        Try reading the post. I responded to your baseless “Fox News” charge, by posting the video and commenting on it.

        Do you know what “intact” means? It means they didn’t erase the footage. So Nabeel says they didn’t erase the footage. And I say they didn’t erase all the footage. Yet somehow, even when we say the same thing, you accuse us of contradicting ourselves. Shocking.

        BTW, Hussein. Rifqa Bary is about to be freed. Are you going to attack her the way you attacked Negeen? You seem to like going after defenseless young converts. Does that make you feel like a man or something?

        • Paul

          Is anyone wondering when Acts 17 is going to retract their lie in the caption below one of their videos?

          “The Mayor of Dearborn and the Police Department assure us that there was equal treatment for members of all faiths at the Arab Festival. Those of us who were there, however, know that there were two sets of rules–one for Christians, and another for everyone else.”

          What Mr. Wood really means is there were two sets of rules… One for obnoxious people like Acts 17, and one for everyone else who wasn’t seeking attention and actively trying to get arrested. Again, this is exactly what I mean about when they lie, they have to end up defending themselves by tearing down others. This is more nonsense pushing the idea that they are the only “Christians” and they are the only ones doing anything correct. Arrogance, plain and simple. This goes, again, to prove the point that they are interested in making a name for themselves and not bringing Muslims to Christ.

          Nice try trying to insulate yourself with the rifqa bary comment. Nevermind the fact that bary never went on tv or anything until she was forced to in order to show that her parents were going to kill her.

          Shame on you, David Wood. You’d get Nageem killed if that would raise your profile. Shame on you.

          • Sophia

            Paul, please don’t pretend that you care about Negeen’s life or well-fare when you are supporting Wario’s attack against her.

            Do you expect anyone to think that you have sincere regard or concern for Negeen when you can’t even spell her name correctly? At least Hussein is getting her name right even though he continues to be confused about Nabeel’s name, probably because he is watching videos by the “Nabeel Qureishi” imposter and since he has not actually researched this situation very thoroughly.

            Furthermore Paul, how do you dare accuse David Wood of hoping to get Negeen killed to boost his profile? Where is your evidence of such an accusation? He is doing everything in his power to protect and defend her! Have you seen her wonderful testimony? According to Negeen, David and Nabeel’s responses to her questions and doubts were instrumental in strengthening her faith in the Lord and giving her the courage to stand firm in Christ! The Spirit of God has used their sincere love for her in order to lead her to eternal life!

            But if you do want to discuss dying, David and Nabeel have shown by going to a place where Muslims attempted to intimidate them with death threats that they would gladly die…not to boost their own profile but to testify to the glory of God in the hopes that salvation might reach those who hate them! There is no greater love than this.

          • Sophia

            Paul, there is no lie in the video caption.

            Clearly, there is a different set of rules for Christians and for Muslims. The expectation of Christians is that they will fall over themselves trying to appease the wishes of Muslims. When this doesn’t occur as in the case of Acts 17 & co., problems arise. Even if Acts 17 was behaving obnoxiously, is that just cause for arrest?

            But the fact is, video footage proves that Acts 17 members were not at all being “obnoxious” and “trying to get arrested”! Isn’t it rather obvious that Negeen was as far away as possible from the action as she could be while still being able to film? Who wouldn’t question being suddenly arrested out of the blue? When it comes to the others, I was proud to call Nabeel my brother in Christ when I saw how lovingly he witnessed to the angry people who approached him while David and Paul quietly filmed. It hurt me deeply to see Nabeel, David, and Paul unlawfully handcuffed amidst the jeers of Muslims. The police were obviously trying to embarrass and shame Acts 17 in retaliation for last year’s video, revealing the violence of Muslim security guards with Hezbollah tattoos shouting “No way!” that this is America.

            So why don’t you stop wagging your finger at Acts 17, saying, “Shame! Shame!” and perhaps contemplate upon the shame that Jesus Christ endured on the cross. Due to false testimonies, Jesus was forced to endure the most humiliating of deaths, flogging and crucifixion. He also had to endure the jeers of those who hated Him. But for the joy set before Him, Jesus endured the cross despising the shame, and three days later He was vindicated by the Father when He raised Christ from the dead. I pray that all those who are shamed by the world for their devotion to Christ will also be vindicated by Him!

        • Hussein

          Mr. Wood,
          You have not answered my question about Fox News. You misled the host and you need to admit it. How come the “caption” of the video still shows that you were arrested for distributing the Gospel of John if indeed you told the host about the error after the program had aired? News organization care about their integrity.
          You are a college professor and you know that there is a difference between “didn’t erase all the footage,” which you said on “Iron Sharpens Iron” and “returned our cameras intact” without erasing any footage, which Nabeel said on your blog, an entry which is no longer in your archives. Maybe you can help me locate it.
          See, you are diverting the attention again. When I pointed out your public misleading in Negeen’s arrest yesterday, you claimed that I was going after her and even unleashed your fans on me. She is a victim of yours. As for Rifqa, I supported her during her court battle and even did a radio interview with Yes FM in Ohio to highlight her plight.

  • jeffrey

    again, another miss presentation.
    Dr. Wood was referring two different scenario. One is distributing inside the booth, and another is outside the booth.

    This is the Internet Mr. Wario. It is very easy to verify facts, and counter facts. If you say something which is not true, people can point it out to you easily.
    So, be very careful when writing something, specially when you are attacking your fellow Christians.

    You don’t want your materials to be use by Muslims out there in internet forums to attack Acts17. Do You?

    • Hussein

      Of course, I would hate to see Muslims use my words to attack Dr. Wood or Dr. Qureish. However, what do you have to say about how Acts 17 Apologetics has mischaracterized other Christians in Dearborn? Do you have an answer to that? Do you actually believe what they are telling you about Christians in Dearborn?
      I have a favor to ask you of you. Dr. Wood has Muhammad cartoons on his website. Would you please ask him to remove them? He argues free speech but that is not the Gospel. Thank you.

      • David Wood


        What did we say about the Christians in Dearborn? The only comments we’ve made are supported by indisputable proof. So please list any false claims on our part. (I’m giving up on asking you to list the rules we broke. We asked you over and over again, but we still don’t know which rules we supposedly violated.)

        • Paul

          Gee, the fact that you and James White were claiming that you were the only ones “vocal in the presentation of the gospel” despite not being true,

          What complete lies and what complete and total arrogance.

          You set yourself up by lying and misleading about what happened, in terms of bibles and Christian literature not being allowed to be distributed, nor evangelism. Once the evidence came out that others were handing out the SAME materials, and openly evangelizing, you had no choice but to start trashing other Christians to make yourselves look better. That’s what happens when you play in the mud.

          You weren’t vocal in your presentation of the gospel, you did gotcha questions about Islam and whatever happened at the festival last year, and whining about them not supporting Israel because they had Calvin peeing on the Israeli flag.

          James White still says nonsense here:

          Never mind many others there were distributing the same Gospel of John that James White said was not permitted. What’s funny is he also says here “Christian literature.” Really, James? The same type of Christian literature you criticized McDowell for presenting?

          I’m going to make a prediction, Acts 17 will never agree to get a booth or not have their cameras there, because that’s why they are into this. They don’t care about lost Muslims, they care about getting famous and making a name for themselves, as well as raising money. They don’t care how dangerous it is for muslims to be on camera being proselytized, what they face from other muslims when they show an opening to the gospel, etc. Of course, other ministries to muslims understand this, which is why they do their ministry individual and in secret, because, unlike Acts 17, they care about the soul of the muslim and not getting famous and recognized, where people like Wood can speak at churches, etc, and make money for himself.

          And don’t, for a minute, claim you only use cameras for your safety, as other Christian minsitries have never had a problem with safety in Dearborn.
          I think it should be telling to all watching that in order to try to defend their actions, Acts 17 and James White have to cut down others.

          shame on you all.

  • jeffrey

    Mr. Warrio

    You presented David wood as if he is lying when he claim he didn’t know that distributing tracts is prohibited while in fact he claim in earlier video that he did.
    But you miss out the fact, the Dr. Wood is referring to two different situation. One is when they are inside the festival. The other is when they are outside the festival.

    WIll you admit your error on presenting Dr. Wood?
    I guess Not, base on your reply to Jason. Which you further stress that Dr. Wood is lying base on your miss-presenting of him.

    You should have retracted your miss-presentation of Acts17 to get back your credibility. But you damage yourself more.

    • Hussein

      What error? If you admit that on the first day of the festival Dr. Wood said he was not allowed to distribute tracts inside the festival, he was lying. Secondly, if the other situation is he was not allowed to distribute outside of the festival, then he was lying as well because just last week, he claimed that he did not know he was allowed to distribute literature. Which of the “two different situation [sic]?”
      His videos are clear. Watch again. I have even up to the minutes when he started talking about Dearborn and distributing of pamphlets. He has accused me of being deceptive. I am just using his vocabulary to show that he was misleading the public. I do not worry about my credibility when I am just exposing these missionaries who have mischaracterized every Christian worker in Dearborn who does not buy into their story and actually do on regularly basis what they claim they attempted to do in Dearborn. I went to Dearborn a few years ago and even distributed literature in the streets and even engaged some Muslims in discussions.

  • Nabeel

    Hussein —

    I have tried my best to treat you as a brother in Christ. I have done the same with Josh McDowell (whom I have never condemned) and with other Christians who accuse us of wrongdoing, such as Pastor Haytham in Dearborn. But I fear that if I continue interacting with you, I will be unable to maintain such a demeanor.

    You, someone I only know as a brother in Christ who also has left the trap of Islam, are someone to whom I should be able to entrust my life. But as it is, you have distorted my words, distorted my intentions, distorted my actions, and transgressed against me in many other ways on multiple accounts. You have been perpetuating lies against me in public, without having tried to contact me or clarify anything with me, and you have sinned against your brother in more ways than I care to enumerate.

    These things, however, I have been handling from many people other than you, and that without difficulty. I have no problem handling such treatment because the Lord tells us we will receive this treatment when we fight for His sake. But where you have crossed the line is where you go out of your way to attack my little sister Negeen who has given up her life for the sake of Christ and the Gospel. I have a difficult time even finishing this paragraph when I think of your horrendous transgression against such an innocent and self-sacrificial girl.

    I wish no harm to you, I desire nothing of you except that you glorify the Lord with all your being. But I must warn you, brother, I do not envy the path you’re on; it will lead only to destruction. May the Lord handle you in whatever way would most glorify Him.

    I might speak with you again when the Lord leads. Sincerely,

  • Sophia

    Perhaps you believe what you are saying is true, but as someone who has seen all the videos and statements put out by Acts 17, I have to say it is disheartening to find that you are stubbornly continuing in your attacks, accusing them of deception when there has been none.

    You said that you would point out the rules which were broken that resulted in the arrest of the four Christians, but all you write is this:

    “Acts 17 Apologetics missionaries would have avoided the arrest had Negeen complied with the officer’s request to investigate the “criminal complaint.” It is very possible that Mr. Williams “framed” them even though they had at one point, according witnesses, blocked “a whole road” with the crowd gathered around them. I have nothing against them, except they have so many wholes in their story, especially Mr. Wood, and are arrogant.”

    A crowd gathering around Acts 17 hardly seems worthy of an arrest, but your main point seems to be that all could have been avoided if Negeen had acted differently. I find this view of things rather amazing.

    It is quite clear that the officers were not requesting an interview with Negeen. She asked them to explain the criminal complaint, but they did not. Rather, they forcibly took the camera from her and handcuffed her when she had done nothing except record a video. You might try to say that she should have silently complied with the officers instead of asking what was going on and insisting that they not touch her, but it is quite strange to say that a difference in her behavior would have prevented an arrest when her first and only encounter with police was when they approached her in order to arrest her. The Dearborn police have poorly stewarded the trust given to them in their unlawful arrests and the inaccuracies of their police reports. They even lied to Negeen in convincing her to believe that video recording was illegal, prompting her apologies. Now that she knows they were lying to her, she is making no apologies for she owes none.

    I also am saddened to see you accusing Acts 17 of manipulating her, when it seems that the members of Acts 17 are supporting her in every way, encouraging her growth in the Lord and the pursuit of His will. It appears that they have even provided for some of her needs in true Christian love. How can you criticize their treatment of her when it is you who is posting such misguided attacks against her?

    Again, you do not seem to be looking at this whole situation in an unbiased manner and it is very likely that Jason’s connection Caner->White->Acts 17 is correct. You claim that you are only bringing up Dr. Caner and Dr. White because Jason brought it up, yet this is not the case since you wrote on your July 2 blogpost:

    “…Out of all these Christians, apparently, only four were targeted and arrested for “disorderly conduct.” Why this issue? I am bringing it up because Dr. Caner’s “vocal critic,” as even the media now portrays him, applies double standard because he declared their innocence even before the police could conclude its investigation…”

    You brought up the issue of the Dearborn arrests in the context of your criticism of Dr. White for identifying Dr. Caner’s sins. Can you not see why this causes people to perceive a bias in your whole take on the situation right from the get go? Please take a step back and reconsider your position. If you think that Dr. White should have waited for an investigation before declaring someone innocent, then should you not do the same before declaring them guilty? That is the minimum the world will do, should you not give more benefit of the doubt for brethren in Christ than the world does?

    • Jennifer


      Can you tell us your experiences with doing ministry in Dearborn? Please give the times and places, what you did, who you did it with, and materials you used.

      Also, you did mention to someone else that there was no lie in the captions about two sets of rules, yet no other Christians who did ministry at the festival, nor that do ministry in Dearborn at other times, have claimed such, except for Acts 17. Are you saying they are the only ones who are Christians in Dearborn, or the only ones who do ministry there?


  • Pat

    The video you linked to DID NOT disprove that Acts 17 had permission to film. How does it prove they lied? Please, explain…

  • Nabeel

    In all this, you forgot to do the one thing you promised to do: you did not list the festival rules that we broke. Don’t think I didn’t notice.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think your above article is wrong on multiple accounts. We’ll respond to that soon enough. But let’s let peripheral things remain peripheral for a moment. You said you’d list the rules we broke, and you didn’t. I’m still waiting.

    • Jason Smathers

      I noticed this too. I obtained a copy of all the written rules nobody attending the festival should have to know. Still, nowhere in there do I see a rule that was violated by Acts 17.

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  • Jason Smathers

    Please note that there is no contradiction as you state in your fifth paragraph. David Wood knew that leafleting was prohibited inside the festival, however, he did not know until the police told him that leafleting was prohibited outside the festival for five blocks.

    Of course my comment about the Caner->White->Acts 17 association to your motives can only be speculation. Only you know your motives, but it does seem to flow that way. Ergun Caner continues to be brought up in your discussion of Acts 17.

    • Hussein

      Thank you for the clarification. How can I believe that Mr. Wood was unaware of the court ruling about “leafleting was prohibited outside the festival for five blocks” when he has all these misleading statements?
      You say that “Ergun Caner continues to be brought up in your discussion of Acts 17″ but do you know that had you not mentioned his name on Answering Muslims comment blog, I would not have discussed him in this blog? Did I even reference him in my last three blogs? I don’t think so.