Jesus Prayed to the Father; to Whom Did Allah Pray?

What started out as a simple tweet of what I was doing, turned it into a conversation. Thanks to a Qur’an advocacy group. I was texting back and forth with a friend of our family yesterday evening when I tweeted, “Conversing with a dear friend and sister in Christ who is of Muslim background. Praying the Lord’s direction for her and her family.” Within 5 minutes @Get_a_Quran_Day on Twitter responded with:

@HusseinWario is becoming brother in Christ by worshiping the prophet of God instead of God?

And I responded including his or her quotes:

RT @Get_a_Quran_Day @HusseinWario is becoming brother in Christ by worshiping the prophet of God instead of God? //Jesus is God ->John 10:30

The Muslim responded:

@HusseinWario so Jesus is God u’re saying, r u absolutely sure? Did Jesus create heaven and earth?

To which I responded:

@Get_a_Quran_Day Yes, I am absolutely sure Jesus is God and He created heaven and earth. John 1

The Muslim responded:
@HusseinWario and to whom did Jesus pray?

And I responded with his quotes included:
RT @Get_a_Quran_Day @HusseinWario and to whom did Jesus pray? // Jesus prayed to the Father. To whom did Allah pray in Surah 33 ayah 56?

The Muslim responded:
@HusseinWario that’s salat ‘Ala, upon & not 2! Allah, the creator Blesses his prophets & orders us 2 send blessing upon them not pray 2 them

@HusseinWario so u were saying Jesus IS God & now that Jesus prayed to the Father??!! we pray to the One that Jesus & all prophets prayed 2

My response:
@Get_a_Quran_Day  In Surah 33:56 Allah prayed blessings upon his prophet. Even Tafsir Ibn Kathir shows. I know you don’t want to admit.
@Get_a_Quran_Day If you admit Allah prayed blessings in Surah 33:56, then you have to answer “to whom did Allah pray?”

@Get_a_Quran_Day No prevaricating whether Jesus prayed in the Bible. The Jesus of Islam was not divine is not the same the one of the Bible.

@Get_a_Quran_Day The Jesus of the Bible came to show us the Way to the Father. He was God and Human. Now that He is in Heaven, He is GOD!

I haven’t heard from this Muslim since my final response. I would like to continue discussing with him or her. There is no doubt Allah prayed in Surah 33 verse 56. Even Islam’s premier commentary of the Qur’an Tafsir ibn Kathir admits Allah prayed. It doesn’t answer to whom Allah prayed though. You can access it here.

If you would like more details about whether Allah prayed in the Qur’an, Sam Shamoun of Answering Islam website has some detailed articles. He goes into details using authentic and authoritative Islamic sources. You can find his articles here and here.

Muslims employ every scheme they stumble upon and attempt to use it to discredit the Jesus of the Bible. One of their arguments, since Jesus prayed He couldn’t be God. Little do they know even Allah prayed for Prophet Muhammad. Please, pray for Muslims, especially this person who is behind this Tweeter account, so that their quest to discredit Jesus Christ leads them to the Truth.


Hussein Wario is a former Kenyan Sunni Muslim. He is the author of Cracks in the Crescent.

  • dude

    how ignorant can people be? do you really think ALLAH “prayed” to someone?
    islam is the only religion. the quran has no errors, and it is from god, while the christian scholars agree that the “bible” is “mostly” right.. mostly…really? the quran has no scientific errors, while the bible has many. christian and non muslim scholars who actually took the time and read the quran has proven it to be right. millions of people memorized the quran, while i havent seen a chrisitan who memorized the bible. now u tell me which is more miraculous, ur bible, or the noble quran?

  • ahmed

    Fair enough. But when you create your argument remember that the burden upon you is to prove that salah “neccessitates” prayer. By showing its a “possible” meaning does prove your case and is already debunked.

  • Emma

    I like your post.But i am little bit confused with the exact meaning.I wonder why people too much differentiate between the religion and between Jesus and Allah.Jesus and Allah are the same just their views are different.Then why so much controversy is exists between the religions.Wether God is Jesus or Allah they give the same message to the world the message of love.They lead the same God.We have to understand the true meaning of religions and the Jesus and Allah.May this day will come soon when all these differences are finishes.


  • ahmed

    Another quite desperate attempt. Your equating of “yusalluna” with “prayer” is false.

    • Hussein

      I thought you were giving an explanation to the term “yusalluna.” Instead, you gave a link to various Qur’an translations that don’t render the term correctly. Tafsir Ibn Kathir agrees with my position about yusalluna HERE.

      • ahmed

        I was expecting you would atleast look into what the link says before c&p’ing. It debunks your sad attempt. Its says salah of Allah is His prasing and mercy.

        “Al-Bukhari said: “Abu Al-`Aliyah said: “Allah’s Salah is His praising him before the angels”

        “Abu `Isa At-Tirmidhi said: “This was narrated from Sufyan Ath-Thawri and other scholars, who said: `The Salah of the Lord is mercy,”

        Now use the failed attempt to reflect on the point of how Jesus could worship a God if Jesus, as christians claim, was Himself God ?

        “…while Jesus was on earth…
        He truly worshiped God,
        and God listened to his prayers…
        (Hebrews 5:7,8)(CEV)

        • Hussein

          You can’t dispel the fact that “Allah” prayed for Muhammad in the Qur’an hence resort to ad hominem arguments. You just proved my point with your Hadith quotes that “Allah” indeed prayed for Muhammad. I will let the readers decide for themselves reading links you had posted in previous comments. I have read everything you have posted and none of it makes any sense. You are the one desperate and the Hadith you have given from Tirmidhi just proves my point further.
          Apparently, when you observe Salah, you are praying to “Allah” but when “Allah observes Salah, he is sending his mercy! You see a problem here? “Allah” did not make that distinction in the Qur’an. Prophet Muhammad did not bother because in his head he thought God deferred to him. Now Muslims are left scampering for answers. Even Tafsir Ibn Kathir agrees with me. “Allah” prayed for Muhammad. Let the readers decide!
          By the way, you are confused. This post (article) wasn’t arguing Jesus never prayed to the Father. I was just asking a Muslim who asked, “To whom Did Jesus pray to?” a simple question, “To whom did Allah pray?” He, just like you, beat around the bush. He then disappeared.

          • ahmed

            Listen, your claim that Allah prayed is false. why ? Because meaning of Salah does not neccessitate prayer. Thats something you falsely impose and translate. Neither does ibn kathir nor any links you provide prove it neccessitates prayer. Ibn Kathir proves quite the opposite by explaining with reference to explaination of students of the prophet, that it means mercy and blessing when refered to Allah. Your argument is flawed by your very first premise. And meanings do differ when subject differs.
            So the burden of proof is on you to prove that such a meaning is false and the only correct meaning is what some obsessed christian from “answering-islam” translates to, 1400 yrs after Islam.

          • Hussein

            I’ll prove to you from Islamic sources (Hadith and the Qur’an) “Allah” indeed prayed for Muhammad. I will be leaving in a few hours and will be traveling for the next 9 days and will not have any internet access. Lord willing when I get back, I’ll put something together by next Sunday or Monday.

  • Sam Shamoun

    Thanks for the plug brother. Here is another one I wrote, Islam and the prayers of Allah: An examination of the worship and praise which Allah performs

    I hope you enjoy this. Lord bless you.

    • Hussein

      Thanks, Sam! I’ll check it out.