I am a former Kenyan Sunni Muslim who was educated in madrassa (Islamic religious school) during my formative years. Hussein is my given first name, the name I received at birth. Hajji Wario was my father and he passed away on Wednesday, June 17, 1987. In madrassa I used to go by Hussein Hajji Wario.
Upon graduation from madrassa, I became a madrassa teaching assistant and a muadhin (a person who calls Muslims to pray) in my hometown, which is near Garsen. I converted to Christianity in August 1989 when I was 14 years old. My people group, the Orma, is one of the “unreached” people groups in the world because more than 99.98 percent is Muslim. I am only the second Orma to convert to Christianity.

My family found out about my conversion through my Muslim schoolmates at a boarding school six months later. Subsequent persecution resulted in the Kenyan government representative in my home area giving a final directive that led to my separation from my family in May 1990. I stayed in different parts of the country with various Christian families from different people groups and nationalities for about six years until I came to the United States in August 1996. I graduated from Hope College in 2000.

My faith journey is featured in my autobiography, Cracks in the Crescent. It discusses some esoteric aspects of Islam by conspicuously illustrating them throughout my upbringing as a Muslim, my conversion to Christianity and the ensuing persecution. It utilizes the Qur’an and Prophet Muhammad’s saying, the Hadith, to make its case.

Portions of my conversion story and the subsequent persecution have been featured in a 1998 book, The Call of Africa; the Grand Rapids Press in October 1996; a nationwide radio broadcast through Radio Bible Class (RBC) Ministries’ weekend program Words to Live By in the United States, Canada and in some select countries in October 2003; and a reformed semi-monthly magazine the Standard Bearer in September 2006. I have shared my story with churches, schools, colleges, and Christian groups in Kenya and the United States. Most recently, I participated in panel discussions at Northern Seminary and Wheaton College. You can listen to my testimony here.

I live to give glory to the Lord for saving me from among my people. I am grateful, among many things, for His protection from my detractors. I believe that the Lord has called me to be an encouragement to His church and also be an instrument in mitigating difficulties it faces in understanding Islam and reaching out to Muslims. Please email me at info@husseinwario.com if you have any question on Islam or sharing the Gospel with Muslims. Thank you.

My autobiography, Cracks in the Crescent, is available for purchase. Free shipping within the United States & Canada for a limited time only if you order from this website. It is also available at Amazon.com

  • A’ishah

    Thank you for your life story brother. It was encouraging.

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  • http://2233klm.co.uk aka amr uk

    speak or listen to zakir naik regarding islam, someone who knows it inside out, not random nobodys who use brief quotes, chapters or part of chapters are to be read not just a few lines..

    • http://www.cracksinthecrescent.com Hussein

      Aka amr uk:
      You can’t defend the fact that Muhammad invented the fast during Ramadhan. I have given links to all the verses I have quoted so that people can read them in their context. Please read them then prove me wrong. You attempt to bring Zakir Naik into this discussion. Is it because you can’t articulate your own beliefs?

  • Ricky

    Wow…how do you feel now that Ergun Caner has been proven to be a fraud?

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  • http://rd-muslim.blogspot.com/ Abdallah Ibrahim

    Bro Hussien ,

    Yes I accept .

  • Abdallah Ibrahim

    Hi Wario ,

    I’m Abdallah , a guy who made a couple of replies to you on Ergun Caner’s facebook page , if you read them I think you know me , like you I am African and I speak Arabic , but unlike you , I converted to Islam.

    I just checked your blog , not bad , but then I read your whole policy on using your posts , just in case I will tell you exactly what I will do with your copyrighted material , so you will be aware of it .

    1- I plan to respond to your posts by quoting them and providing a response , along with a link to your original post ,Every time I write a reply I will send you a message , don’t worry I will keep you informed.

    2- I will purchase a copy of your book , and if I have enough time , respond to that too.

    Thank you very much

    • http://www.cracksinthecrescent.com Hussein

      Dear Brother Abdallah,
      As long as you follow the guidelines you have formulated above and adhere to the “copyrighted material” policy, you can use my materials. Failure to do so–you must consent via a comment below–you promise to retract your work (published or unpublished, written or recorded) and apologize for your breach of contract via a written statement. Do you accept these conditions? I am sorry if they are overwhelming to you. In light of Mohammed Khan’s attempts at discrediting Christians of Muslim background, especially Dr. Ergun Caner , I have no choice but layout some rules. Thank you.