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March 17th, 2010



You are free to:

Link to my website or any post on my website.

Quote any of my posts on your website provided you link back to my original post.

Print and or photocopy up to 50 copies of any of my posts for internal distribution within your organization.

Print my posts in any non-commercial publication provided you include this copyright notice: “© 2010, Hussein Hajji Wario. All rights reserved. Originally published at”


***You must have my express written consent to:

Re-post any of my posts in its entirety anywhere else on the Internet.

Use this content for commercial purposes.

Alter, quote out of context, or adopt this work as your own.

***Failure to follow this guideline, you must, upon notification, retract your work (published or unpublished, written or recorded) and apologize for your breach of “contract” through a written statement. You consent to the “copyright” if you use any part of a post.