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April 12th, 2012

Wycliffe Experts: Our Begetter Who Is in Heaven (Lord’s Prayer)

It is coming to light that this controversy involving Wycliffe/SIL has been largely orchestrated by the work of two individuals. The Bible mistranslation practices by these organizations highlighted over the past few months can be traced to their experts Larry Ciccarelli[1] and Darrell Richard (Rick) Brown. If this controversy continues to drag on without a resolution, damage to these organizations’ reputations may be irreversible. I pray Wycliffe and SIL will resolve these issues soon.

Ciccarelli and Brown expressed that they are fully convinced Arabic and Turkish do not have “social familial terms” for “father” which “convey a non-procreated familial relationship.” Even when native Turkish and Arabic speakers have voiced concerns about these translations, these Wycliffe/SIL experts have refused to listen. Perhaps they trust the judgment of their Muslim friends over that of their fellow Christians. Wycliffe and SIL are dealing with these “warthog holes” mostly because of this erroneous mindset.

Ciccarelli and Brown explain their reason why Arabic and Turkish do not have a term equivalent to “father” in English that does not carry a biological relationship. They claim adoption and step-relations are not even recognized in these cultures. Brown and Ciccarelli even go as far as claiming if the Lord’s Prayer is rendered accurately from the original Greek—as presently in modern Arabic and Turkish translations—the “mistake” would make the Arab or Turkish reader understand it as, “Our begetter, who is in heaven…”

I knew this concept was false for Arabic, because there are two terms for “father” and only one of them carries a “begetter” connotation. My concern shifted toward the claim’s veracity for the Turkish language. I decided to investigate and here is what I found:

I do not read or speak the Turkish language. I consulted one of my friends who is a native Turkish speaker, an MBB and a pastor who holds a Master of Divinity degree from a seminary in the United States. He says Turkish only has one word for “father” and it is “baba,” which is pronounced “buh-buh.” He told me Muslim parents in Turkey can adopt children and the term for stepfather is “üvey baba.” (By the way, Islamic teachings prohibit adoption. Adoption was legal in Islam until about 626 A.D. when Prophet Muhammad married his then adopted son Zayd bin Haritha’s wife Zaynab. For more information, please read Sam Shamoun of Answering Islam’s detailed post HERE.)

I know another person who knows at lease one case of adoption among Muslims in Turkey. Even the US Embassy in Ankara has information on adoption in Turkey. The embassy websites states:

According to current rules and regulations, Turkish families are given preference in adoption of children between the ages of 0-6.  According to the 21st/b section of the “Children’s Right Agreement” every child has right to be raised in his or her own environment, culture and religion.

So, adoption is legal in Turkey, which means the issue of the term “stepfather” not in existence in Turkish is false.

As for the Arabic language—a language I can read and write and speak partly—there are two terms for “father.” Ab and waalid. Ab can apply both as a biological or social term for “father.” For example, one of the most known Muslim after Prophet Muhammad was nicknamed Abu Bakr. Almost every Muslim knows his name because he was one of the first converts to Islam. He was also the first Caliph (successor after Prophet Muhammad’s death.) Abu Bakr means, “the father of the foal of the camel,” yet no Muslim can claim Abu Bakr “beget” a camel. On the other hand, waalid is strictly biological. In fact, a chapter of the Qur’an, Suratul Al-Ikhlas, which Ciccarelli has quoted HERE to try to argue against using “Ab” for “Father” in Bible translations uses yaalid, a variant of waalid. Yaalid, which means “beget” in Arabic, obviously is biological and has nothing to do with ab. There is no problem translating “Father” as “Ab” in Arabic.

If Muslims have an issue with the correct rendering of “Father” in Arabic or Turkish, Christians should explain to them the meaning behind it. After all, the Qur’an accuses Christians of worshiping a trinity that includes father, mother and son. The work of evangelizing Muslims often begins with first educating them about what Christians actually believe.

Contrary to what Ciccarelli and Brown have claimed, which unfortunately appears to be Wycliffe and SIL’s position, the justification for mistranslating “Father” in Arabic and Turkish new Bible translations is based on false assumptions.


The Petition to hold accountable Wycliffe, SIL and Frontiers USA is found HERE.

[1] Larry Ciccarelli also goes by Larry Chico, Leith Gray, Mansour Ciccarelli

April 3rd, 2012

Insider Movement Advocates Masquerade as Islamic Teachers?

Wycliffe has no official position on the Insider Movement even when it appears there are Insider proponents and advocates among its Bible translators, linguists and missiologists. (The current Bible translation controversy is proof.) Here is a good example of what Insider Movement is about. A Malay Muslim has busted an operation in Malaysia. How can Christians pretend to be Islamic teachers (ustaz) in order to reach Muslims with the Gospel? Have we forgotten how to evangelize?

The news story also shows Southern Baptist International Mission Board endorsed “Camel Method” is used in Malaysia. Parts of the news report read [Emphasis mine]:

A Muslim man claiming to be a former apostate who has since returned to Islam said today his Christian group leaders masqueraded as ustaz to approach Muslims to convert them.

Ramli says in the 42-minute recording that these people, some of whom were ‘orang putih’ (Caucasians), would wear ketayap (turbans) and jubah (robes) and go to mosques in an attempt to get close to Muslims.

“That is how they slowly infiltrate. When they first approach Muslims, they do not use the Bible but they use the Quran… this is called the cameo [sic] method,” claimed Ramli, who had previously worked with the organisation after being converted.

Hasan had previously made similar claims that Christian groups had impersonated as Muslims in an attempt to approach the community.

“I still remember when my wife saw this, she asked me who this ustaz was… Their method was very subtle, they used Quranic verses as a bridge for you to cross over and after you have crossed into Christianity, only then will they give you a Bible,” Ramli says.

The video interview featuring Ramli, 47, and his wife, Zakiah Musa, 42 (not her real name), was screened to journalists at Hasan’s residence in Kuala Lumpur this afternoon.

The organisation also tasked him with translating a contextual version of the New Testament into Malay, so that it could be easily understood by Muslims.

“It (the translated Bible) was to be Muslim-friendly, so that when Muslims read it, they can accept that the Bible is from Allah,” he said.

Read more HERE.


March 15th, 2012

Wycliffe USA President Leads CBN into Filing Incorrect News Report

Wycliffe President Bob Creson appeared on CBN recently and did not answer questions that would put to rest the current Bible translation controversy. Instead he misled a CBN reporter into filing an incorrect news report.

The newscast portion on Wycliffe where Mr. Creson is interviewed starts with a voiceover quoting a February 6, 2012 statement SIL issued which announced it was suspending Arabic “audio translation.”

In this video starting at 2:48 mark, CBN News Senior International Reporter Gary Lane asks Mr. Creson, “Why did Wycliffe change the language in the Arabic version?” The reporter is referring to the translation that was suspended. Mr. Creson says, “I am assuming that we are referring to The True Meaning of the Gospel of Christ that was done by another organization Al Kalima.”

He fails to mention Wycliffe’s involvement with The True Meaning of the Gospel of Christ even when the reporter asks him twice.

The reporter later asks, “And now that you have put it on hold, what would you clarify now in order to go forward?” And Mr. Creson goes to the February 15 statement when Wycliffe still denied any involvement in The True Meaning.

Wycliffe issued a statement on February 15, 2012 stating, “The formal review will be led by respected theologians, biblical scholars, translators, linguists, and missiologists from the global Church. We expect this review to produce a report that will guide future Wycliffe USA and SIL translation efforts.”

When Wycliffe issued this statement, they were still denying any involvement in all—except for the ‘audio translation’—translations Biblical Missiology had brought to light in the online petition.

I am still in shock Wycliffe USA President Bob Creson misled CBN reporter into filing an incorrect report. I hope he retracts his erroneous statements and CBN issues a correction. Here are some of the facts:

  • The True Meaning of the Gospel and Acts in Arabic is still on sale on Amazon UK. Get yourself a “gift-wrapped” copy HERE.

This is not a Wycliffe/SIL project but they consulted on it. Biblical Missiology petition never said it was a Wycliffe/SIL project. This translation removes, among other terms, ‘Father’ and ‘Son.’ Prime example: Matthew 28:19.

  • Wycliffe USA Senior VP Russ Hersman did an interview with the Christian Post on February 7 after SIL issued the February 6 statement about the “audio translation” being pulled. He told CP, “[Lives of the Prophets] was an audio drama that originally substituted inadequate familial terms in the mid-1990s. Since that time, the translation has been removed from circulation and will not be re-released until it has been corrected and revised.”

He went on to deny Wycliffe was involved in any translation that removed ‘Father’ and ‘Son.’

  • Mr. Hersman also took to Facebook after the publication of the CP article. He was answering a question about what translations “have already been pulled from circulation.” He wrote, “Thanks for this question. As you are no doubt aware, Wycliffe USA affirmed its commitment to clear and accurate representation of the familial triune God with an official policy announcement in August 2011, roughly at the same time that SIL issued its Best Practices document. The “Lives of the Prophets” audio translation was found to be out of line with those documents and was pulled around the same time. As Wycliffe USA stated earlier today, we are in the process of re-evaluating our methodology, including the August 2011 standards, to ensure that they meet our goal of providing clear and accurate translations. We expect to issue a more complete statement on these matters soon.”

The statement on CBN video about “the pause” has nothing to do with The True Meaning. I hope Mr. Creson issues a retraction and CBN corrects its error in reporting. The Christian public has been misled to believe a lie. I have talked with Mr. Lane and he all along thought “the pause” was in reference to The True Meaning. I also called Wycliffe yesterday and have not received any clarification yet.

Please, continue to pray for Wycliffe, SIL and Frontiers leaderships. They need to come clean. And do so fast. Anything short of a full disclosure and repentance is a failure. And issuing statements full of half-truths will not resolve this issue and bring the much-needed healing to the fractured body of Christ.

February 27th, 2012

The Gospel Coalition: Read ‘em and Weep: More on “Insider Movements” and Bible Translation

The Gospel Coalition has picked up the steam on the current controversy involving Bible translations geared toward Muslims. Pastor Thabiti Anyabwile, Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church of Grand Cayman in the Grand Cayman Islands and a Council member with The Gospel Coalition, has it:

The word of God should alter people; people should never alter the word of God–especially those people who claim to love the God of the word.

For those who might be interested, here is a link to a petition to Wycliffe, Frontiers, and SIL along with some fact sheets.  If you’re not the petition signing type, I hope you’re the petition making type.  I hope you’ll petition the Father through the Son in the Holy Spirit for the preservation of His word so that those who need the word of life will have it and those who sacrificed their lives for it will be honored.

Emphasis mine. Please read the rest of his  post HERE.

February 25th, 2012

After 7 Weeks of Denial, Wycliffe now Admits it was involved in producing Injil Sharif

Update: Wycliffe USA has edited its FAQ again. Now it admits they were involved in producing the 2005 Bengali Injil Sharif also known as Bengali Bible. This is after denying they were responsible for 7 straight weeks. I don’t understand why they continue editing their statements as Biblical Missiology releases evidence. Why don’t they just admit they were involved? It is very sad. A revised Wycliffe USA FAQ now read, “The 2005 Bengali Injil Sharif translation was produced by Global Partners and included a Bible Society consultant. Neither Wycliffe USA nor SIL had official involvement in the translation.” This is close. Pretty soon they will have to remove, “Neither Wycliffe USA nor SIL had official involvement in the translation.” Please pray and grieve for this once reputable Christian organization.

Wycliffe is probably not going to release any official explanation or statement. I don’t count on it especially since they have been unwilling to answer questions on record pertaining to this controversy. The FAQ was changed late yesterday after Biblical Missiology released an article, which documented Wycliffe and SIL involvement in the 2005 Bengali Injil Sharif.

Here is the initial statement Wycliffe/SIL released on January 12, 2012:

SIL did not advise this translation. A non-SIL consultant approved it, as did the United Bible Societies. The main Protestant church supports the translation, and the local Catholic seminary has praised it. This translation also explains that the term used is translating a Greek phrase of the form Son of God.

Though they originally denied having “any involvement” in the Injil Sharif, Wycliffe/SIL now admit they were unofficially involved in the project.

Gone also is Wycliffe’s previous claim the 2005 Bengali Injil Sharif was approved by the United Bible Societies.

February 23rd, 2012

Wycliffe Takes Stonewalling to a New Level

Wycliffe Bible Translators is still stonewalling. The leadership probably thinks this issue would go away but it wouldn’t. Not especially when each one of their statements has been full of lies. Not even the statement from February 15.

I called both SIL and Wycliffe offices this afternoon. And no official could give me information about where Rick Brown—their missiologist and linguist responsible for some of these mistranslations—went for graduate school. I called SIL in Dallas first and was asked to call Wycliffe in Orlando. Mark you; I wasn’t asking any questions pertaining to the controversy. I just wanted to know where Mr. Brown went to graduate school.

No luck. I wonder if releasing information about his educational background has any security implication. I spent a total of 15 minutes on the phone and could not get an answer. Even Mr. Brown’s boss Freddie Boswell, Jr., has colleges he attended listed. Why not Mr. Brown’s?

Wycliffe has taken stonewalling to a new level.


Wycliffe Bible Translators is still stonewalling. The leadership probably thinks this issue would go away but it wouldn’t. Not especially when each one of their statements has been full of lies. Not even the statement from February 15.

I called both SIL and Wycliffe offices this afternoon. And no official could give me information about where Rick Brown—their missiologist and linguist responsible for some of these mistranslations—went for graduate school. I called SIL in Dallas first and was asked to call Wycliffe in Orlando. Mark you; I wasn’t asking any questions pertaining to the controversy. I just wanted to know where Mr. Brown went to graduate school.

No luck. I wonder if releasing information about his educational background has any security implication. I spent a total of 15 minutes on the phone and could not get an answer. Even Mr. Brown’s boss Freddie Boswell has colleges he attended listed. Why not Mr. Brown’s?

Wycliffe has taken stonewalling to a new level.

Relevant links:

Biblical Missiology petition

Why the Petition was started

Biblical Missiology Fact Check for Wycliffe’s initial response

February 10th, 2012

Pray for Wycliffe and SIL and the 340-Million Problem

Please pray for Wycliffe and SIL leaderships. They have to make some serious decisions. Contrary to what we have heard about just one translation—an Arabic audio Bible story—with error in rendering ‘Father’ and ‘Son,’ there are as many as 14.

Wycliffe USA Senior Vice President Russ Hersman admitted to the World Magazine last October there were about 30 to 40 translations that “”employ some alternate renderings” for the divine familial terms.””

Christian scholar Dr. Gordon Nickel, who has a PhD in Islamic studies, writes on Wycliffe USA’s Facebook page:

In the 1990s I witnessed a translation of the New Testament into an Asian language which consistently replaced “Son” with “beloved” (habeeb). I have a copy of the published translation. The SIL translator was a friend whom I liked a lot and very much admired! This is not a “political” attack on WBT, but a disagreement among Christians on how to render the words by which the Creator God chose to reveal Himself. That WBT are listening to concerns and engaging in conversation with Christians outside their circle is good news!

Dr. Nickel’s account shows there is at least one other translation out there.

Wycliffe USA needs to apologize publicly for how it has handled this crisis. Biblical Missiology, the group which started the public petition, which I belong to, should be thanked and not vilified. Our efforts have been called ‘satanic’ and our sincerity questioned. Some even thought I was a Muslim ‘plant.’

For those who are new to this controversy, this issue used to be discussed among Christians in outreach to Muslims circles. Then Wycliffe/SIL linguists and missiologists made it public through media interviews and magazine articles. For more information, please read, How the “Lost in Translation” Petition on Came to Be Now.

Thanks to Biblical Missiology, now ‘the man in the pew’ who donates his or her money for translations causes knows about it. Even Wycliffe and SIL staffs I have heard from want change. I hope this is a time for a God-honoring change in these two great Christian organizations.

Wycliffe and SIL need to marshal and use their resources wisely. Wycliffe USA claims on its website, “Today about 340 million people do not have any Scripture in their language. Wycliffe’s vision is to see the Bible accessible to all people in the language they understand best.” This statement reveals two problems about the present crisis. First, modern translations of the Bible are already available in both Turkish and Arabic. Why are Wycliffe and SIL even bothering with these languages? Second, Wycliffe and SIL translations contain so many mistranslations about divine filial terms that the indigenous church in Turkey doesn’t want them. The same is true for Arab Christians. Why are these organizations wasting their resources on them and now defending them? Have they lost sight of their 340-million problem?

Wycliffe and SIL leadership are meeting today. Three linguists and missiologists are responsible for this current mess. Please, pray for these leaderships as they make some tough decisions.

February 3rd, 2012

Wycliffe/SIL Call Efforts to Hold them Accountable for Accuracy in Bible Translations ‘Satanic’

Just in. First, a well-known and significant Wycliffe/SIL linguist has resigned over the “Son of God” controversy. He joins the ranks of at least 10 others who have quit these reputable organizations. Stay tuned.

Second, Wycliffe/SIL are denying mounting evidence of egregious and blasphemous work  to Word of God, courtesy of their staff on the mission field. Here is a message that was sent to one of the enquirers from the public.  The bottom is about to fall out for Wycliffe/SIL. I assure you, with evidence that is there, if these organizations indeed calls themselves Christian organizations and not rumored government operatives, whoever crafted this letter will be out of work come next week.  The letter, in part states, “We cannot stop people from writing what they want.  Satan certainly does not want God’s Word translated accurately since he has a greater influence that way. ”

You don’t have to go very far to find the evidence this is a fat LIE. Wycliffe’s own statement of faith states, “In particular regard to Bible translations done for Muslim contexts we affirm that in the majority of cases a literal translation of “Son of God” will be the preferred translation. In certain circumstances, specifically where it has been demonstrated that a literal translation of “Son of God” would communicate wrong meaning, an alternative form with equivalent meaning may be used. The alternative form must maintain the concept of “sonship”. All translations for Muslim audiences should include an explanation of the meaning of the phrase “ho huios tou theou” (the Son of God) when it refers to Jesus Christ. This may be in a preface, in one or more footnotes, or as a glossary entry, as seems appropriate to the situation.”

The above statement is very clear Wycliffe removes “Son of God.” What else would it mean? Please read Biblical Missiology’s FACT CHECK HERE.

Remember, Wycliffe and SIL have expurgated statements and even expunged one evidence from their websites which clearly show they have removed “Father,” “Son” and “Son of God” from new Bible translations.

There is even more.


Hello XXX

Thank you for contacting Wycliffe inquiring about the validity of claims that Wycliffe is “removing the Son of God or God as Father from our translations.”

We are not. 

Wycliffe remains committed to the same objectives we’ve held sacred for 80 years: biblically accurate and culturally relevant translations of Scripture. Wycliffe never has and never will be involved in a translation which does not translate these terms. To say that we are removing any familial terms from the Bible is simply not true. We want people to fully understand what God meant when He called Himself “Father” and called Jesus his “Son”. Wycliffe continues to be faithful to accurate and clear translation of Scripture. The eternal deity of Jesus Christ and the understanding of Jesus’ relationship with God the Father must be preserved in every translation.

For further information you can see our statement on our website’s front page , our FAQ section and that of the SIL website’s front page.

We cannot stop people from writing what they want.  Satan certainly does not want God’s Word translated accurately since he has a greater influence that way.
Until all have heard,
Carol Weaver

Wycliffe Information Services (WIS)
Recruitment Ministries

February 1st, 2012

Wycliffe/SIL’s Gamble with Integrity Grieves Me

I am grateful for Wycliffe/SIL, two “reputable” Christian organizations, which have done a lot for me, as a Christian from one of the unreached people groups, the Orma people of Kenya. I am especially thankful for Wycliffe/SIL missionaries George and Wendy. Had it not been for their meticulous and diligent work, my native language, Orma, would not have been written and I wouldn’t be reading portions of the Word in Orma today.

I was a member of a literacy team that met in February 1995 for a literacy conference that was hosted by World Vision (Tana River District), Wycliffe/SIL missionaries, Literary and Evangelism Fellowship and Literacy and Evangelism International. The conference was held at PCEA Makupa Guest House, in Mombasa, Kenya. It was at this conference my native Orma language was written for the first time. If it weren’t for the Wycliffe/SIL missionaries and missionaries from other agencies, I wouldn’t be writing in Orma today.

Having said that, there is a problem right now. A gargantuan one. And these two organizations, which have meant so much to me, have not taken any concrete steps toward remedying issue of mistranslations of Scripture geared toward Muslims. There is a plethora of evidence to show Wycliffe/SIL linguists, missiologists and translators pandered to Muslims and removed “Father” and “Son” from new Bible of translations. These supposedly reputable Christian organizations are dangling off a cliff. Their personnel responsible for this fiasco need to be rescued from God’s Wrath.

A staff member of these organizations, Moses Gingerich, contacted me yesterday. He wrote, “It seems that if you have such a good relationship with SIL/Wycliffe perhaps you should have read what is posted on their website at (SIL link). If you are indeed a Christian I applaud you. But please check with the source first for articles that could be misconstrued.” [Emphasis mine.]

Mr. Gingerich is fully convinced a 300-word statement released yesterday from SIL/Wycliffe debunks damaging allegations that abound. The 300-word release has two problems. First, it does not answer a single question from the 16-page Fact Check from Biblical Missiology. Second, it does not address any allegations mentioned in the petition, WND article or my Yahoo! News article. The release essentially reiterated Wycliffe/SIL’s position on translations. Nothing was new other than the question in the opening statement. Wycliffe/SIL posed its own question and answered it then copied and pasted its mission statement.

I have evidence of Wycliffe/SIL editing materials online, expurgating damaging information and even expunging at least one document. Here are a few changes Wycliffe/SIL have made, most recently, since the publication of news articles:

  • The statement on filial terms has changed numerous terms, which even has caught the eye of a Yahoo! News reader, Bbabel, who quipped, “I think you got it backwards, the date on this article is Jan 27th, the date on the two internet blogs that I can find say Jan 29th. It seems those other locations are using this as their source material. But perhaps I’m missing something.” Where is the integrity? Even Yahoo! News can verify I never edited the article once it was published. It grieves me an organization as reputable as Wycliffe/SIL take integrity lightly.
  • Wycliffe Global Alliance issued a statement on contextualization in 2011 which originally stated, “Our [Wycliffe] goal is not to “convert people” from one religion to another or to “make people understand.”” You are reading that correctly. I posted a link of that statement on my Facebook page on October 25, 2011 found HERE and also discussed it on a private forum with more than 200 other Christians who are in active ministry to Muslims in North America. Some of them teach in colleges and seminaries. Within weeks of our discussion, the part where it stated it wasn’t Wycliffe’s goal “to make people understand” disappeared. An organization, which prides itself to reach the unreached in the world with the Word God in their own language did not have a goal to translate the Word of God in a way it is understandable. What an oxymoron. In fact, Wycliffe defended this position when it was initially challenged and only relented when it became very clear that statement was problematic.

Why is this issue so important to me? First, these organizations helped me and my people group have access to God’s Word. The stakes are too high for them to fail. Second, Muslims already use the Jehovah’s Witness’ New World Translation, attempting to attack the divinity of Jesus Christ. In these Wycliffe/SIL and Frontier’s translations, Jesus is Messiah—which means a created being in Islam. To a Muslim he is not the Son of God. Can you believe what would happen if a Muslim apologist shows up on Al-Jazeera with a copy of these erroneous translations of the Bible? It wouldn’t be much of an argument because he would invoke the Bible as Wycliff/SIL and or Frontiers produced and Christian apologists would have no answer.

Folks, doing nothing is not an option. Pray for Wycliff/SIL and Frontiers leaders to come to their senses. Join this coalition. We will not rest until these organizations retract the Bible already in print and jettison the plan to have further translations that oust “Father” and “Son” from the Trinity.

I am waiting on more evidence that shows yesterday’s statement is a mere red herring and it amounts to naught. I will contact Wycliffe and SIL for their comments on discrepancies on their statements. God bless you!

January 30th, 2012

Am I a Muslim Plant, Masquerading as a Christian?

I was notified of this comment on Jihad Watch, “I observe that the author of the article is one ‘Hussein Hajji Wario’… If he’s a Muslim, why is he writing this? Might not this article be a ‘plant‘?”

This person was commenting on my article on Yahoo! News, ‘Father’ and ‘Son’ Ousted from the Trinity in New Bible Translations, which Jihad Watch had picked up. I don’t know if this person has ever heard of Muslims who come to faith in Jesus Christ. I am one of them. I was originally a practicing Sunni Muslim in Kenya. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior in August 1989.

I have worked with various missionaries in Kenya, among them Wycliffe Bible Translators and SIL missionaries. They all knew me as a Christian. In fact, SIL Associate Area Director for Eurasia, Andy Clark, who is one of the SIL officials who are receiving “Lost In Translation: Keep “Father” & “Son” in the Bible” petition signatures, lived in the same neighborhood with me in Kenya when he worked with the Digo language in the 1990s.

I am a graduate of Hope College, a Christian liberal arts school in Holland, Michigan. You can check with its public relations department via email at

After graduating in 2000, I helped to raise funds for Wycliffe Bible Translators’ Orma project in Kenya through Campus Ministries at Hope. The college’s newspaper, The Anchor, covered the fundraiser. The then Campus Ministry’s mission’s director Barb Osburn wrote to me a few years later, “I believe God used YOU [sic] back in the fall of 2000 to open up a door for the relationship that I have with Ed and Linda [Wycliffe representative in Holland, Michigan)] and all that has happened since that has resulted in praise God many Hope grads becoming involved with Bible Translation.”

I was a year behind Kevin De Young, the Senior Pastor of University Reformed Church in Lansing, Michigan. Pastor Kevin knows who I am. We were both members of Fellowship of Christian Students (FCS) at Hope.

If some still doubt whether I am a Muslim implant, please visit the “about” section of my website and there is a link to my testimony. You will hear a senior pastor of a church in Hudsonville, Michigan, telling his congregation in September 2009, his friends who were Wycliffe Bible Translators’ missionaries to Kenya at that time had verified who I am.

And as for my name, Hajji Wario is my father’s name. I am simply Hussein because there is NO requirement as a Christian for me to take on a new name. Is there? Hussein Hajji Wario is the name I used while I attended madrassa (Muslim religious school). It is now my pen name. If anyone still has further questions, please let me know and I can put you in touch with some missionaries who knew me in Kenya. Thank you very much.

As for the translations, Wycliffe, SIL and Frontier’s rationale for substituting “Allah” for “Father” and “Messiah” for “Son” is not convincing and at worst insulting to Muslims’ intelligence because the main stumbling block for Muslims is Jesus’ divinity. As for me, I struggled with it when I was a seeker and with time the Holy Spirit made it clearer to me Jesus is indeed the Son of God.

By the way, substituting “Messiah” for “Son” has some epic ramifications for Christianity—only a Christian ignorant of Islamic teachings would go that far—because in Islam the “Messiah” was a created being. The late Muslim apologist Ahmed Deedat annihilated any Christian argument in reference to using the “Messiah” in Islam as Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

As for translating God’s Word, 2 Corinthians 4:2-5 should be our guide:

But we have renounced disgraceful, underhanded ways. We refuse to practice cunning or to tamper with God’s word, but by the open statement of the truth we would commend ourselves to everyone’s conscience in the sight of God. 3 And even if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled to those who are perishing. 4 In their case the god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelievers, to keep them from seeing the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God. 5 For what we proclaim is not ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord, with ourselves as your servants for Jesus’ sake (ESV).

Please don’t forget to sign the petition to stop these erroneous Bible translations. You can sign it HERE.

For more information about why Biblical Missiology is involved with this issue, please check HERE.