Questions you should ask your Muslim friends

Islam is in the news. Oftentimes the news isn’t good. We hear many atrocious stories about this supposedly peaceful religion. Mainstream Muslims decry what Muslims like Osama bin Laden say and do to Muslims and non-Muslims alike. They argue that Islam does not teach Muslims to be violent. Muslims and non-Muslims are confused because of the conflicting teachings of Islam.

Do you know that mainstream Islam only focuses on the first twelve years of Islam, 610-622 A.D., when the teachings of Prophet Muhammad had not been defined? You should ask your Muslim friends why they selectively follow Muhammad. During this twelve-year period, only one out of the five pillars of Islam was practiced. Muhammad and his companions observed only the five daily prayers. The rest of the five pillars of Islam did not materialize until 631 A.D.

It took Muhammad that long to come up with the rest of the five pillars because he was very indecisive. The Hadith shows that Prophet Muhammad and his fellow Muslims first observed the Arab idol worshipers’ fast in Mecca. And when they migrated to Medina in 622 A.D., they adopted Jews’ fast up until there was fallout a few years later. Muhammad and his companions also performed pilgrimage to Mecca with Arab idolaters before the institution of Hajj in 631 A.D. The Hadith also shows that the present-day pilgrimage has similar rituals as that of Arab idol worshippers’.

Why do mainstream Muslims stick to the earlier teachings of Prophet Muhammad and selectively believe and practice Islam of post-622 A.D. where Islam was defined as a religion? Are they ashamed of practicing authentic Islam? We are left to speculate.

  • aday

    hi nada you r wrong he sai he give ti the law a full meaning

  • aday

    hi nada you r wrong, in mattewe if u read you found jesus give full meaning for to the old testament like he say the law say do not murder but i say to you if u say to someone ” you fool”shall be in danger of hell,the law say an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, but i say when someone slaps you on your cheek turn the other to him also,you heard you will love your neighbor and hate your enemy, but i say to you love your enemies,bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you.for if you love those who love you,what reward have you.and nada if u read jhon 8 1 -12 you found the people want stoned a women who found sleeping with a man who was not her husband they say to jesus a law of moses teach us if we found a women like this we must kill her by stoned at her and ask jesus what do u say , but lord jesus say if any of u never sinned, then go ahead and throw the first stone at her, they left with shame, and jesus told to a women go to your home don’t sin anymore. that is jesus he never giveup on sinners like me and you and he say don’t judge to other and don’t condem other love your enemies that is jesus, he never kill anyone one or fight a war for this world he tell us who believe in his name he tell us to left the world and our soul is more than land, faith, this world, in this world only the bible tell us love is more than faith and hope, think nada my love for u is more than my fath in christianty that is what bible teach us, GOD bless you

  • zolqarnain

    Daniel K sounds very much like a US Democratic politician. Quick to throw around accusations of the others (Christianity) do it too, but, without any documented facts.

  • Nada

    Yes, Daniel, but what about Christ’s words – I did not come to change but to complete….

    And also, the OT is mainly the LAW for the Hebrew people.

  • Daniel K

    You surely make a point there, but take care to be just – same claims for christianity and judaism can be made – they also selectively interpret the Bible, even words of Jesus are taken selectively – no one will take cutting one’s hand or plucking out one’s eye literarily… Muslims taking selectively their scripture for reasons of their better intelligence of faith are to be encouraged in my opinion… God bless!