Dr. Ergun Caner Arrived in the US in 1969, Oh Really?

Jason Smathers has unearthed Dr. Ergun Caner’s father’s, Acer Mehmet Caner, Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) naturalization document which, according to Dr. Caner’s vocal critic, shows “[t]he exact date when the Caner family arrived in the United States from Sweden.” He also has a probate court petition which shows Mr. Caner legally changing his name from Acer Martin Caner to Acer Mehmet Caner. Both Jason and Dr. James White contend that Mr. Caner’s naturalization document proves that Dr. Ergun Caner arrived in the United States on September 13, 1969. There are two problems with their conclusion.

1. The naturalization document does NOT aver any new information that leads them to draw such a conclusion. Even Dr. Caner’s mother’s affidavit that Jason mentioned in his article does not show when Dr. Caner and his mother arrived in the United States. In fact, it affirms the naturalization record that the Defendant, Acer Mehmet Caner, arrived  in 1969. Nothing is said about the mother and son’s arrival.

2. Only Dr. Caner’s naturalization document can prove when he arrived in the United States. I wish whoever wants to access his immigration records some good luck because it is protected by federal law. Do you remember how State Department staff were fired for accessing the then presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Senator John McCain’s passport files? Mr. Acer Caner’s records are accessible because he is deceased.

Some Muslims might pounce on Mr. Caner’s name change and say he was not a Muslim at some point because of “Martin” as a his middle name. I know Mr. Mohammad Khan has made some ex-Muslims’ non-Arab sounding names an issue  in YouTube videos, labeling them as fake ex-Muslims. For those who might have a problem, the answer is in the very INS record which shows that Mr. Caner had legally used Mehmet as his middle name prior to his name change in Ohio. He probably changed from Mehmet to Martin when he was in Sweden. That is not uncommon for minority immigrants.

So far, none of the legal documents that have been made public gives a definite date when Dr. Ergun Caner came to the United States. Let us stop getting free publicity out of this concluded scandal. Instead, we should spend our energy on bringing healing within the fractured Body of Christ.

  • Mark in NI

    In a radio interview conducted by Richard Land http://faithandfamily.com/mp3/20090323.mp3 (8:25 min)

    Ergun says “When we came to America and came through New York we were stopped at the border because my father had listed my mother as property.”

    Note New York is the destination. Note it is their first trip to America that is implied. Do airlines allow baggage onboard without the luggage owner? No. So the father was there. The mother is classed as property so she was there. As Ergun is the speaker we includes Ergun.

    What more evidence do you need?

    • Bennett Willis

      This is a puzzle–but I am easily puzzled.

      Since EC’s recorded words are not regarded as evidence that he says things that are not true about himself, I don’t think that evidence matters in this discussion. All documents and videos are just minor problems that should be explained away, ignored or denied.

      And if evidence does not matter, I have a hard time believing anything that EC defenders say–ABOUT ANYTHING. There are several who, if they told me that the sun rises in the East, would cause me to reach for the compass. And there are several that, if you or I said the sun rises in the East, would point out that it only really rises in the East on two days each year and that if the equinox does not happen to fall exactly when the sun is rising in your area that it really did not rise in the East then either. And therefore we were liars for saying that the sun rose in the East and the point we were making was invalid. Of course, they would take about half a page to get this said.

      You will notice that this is (so far) the only response you have received to your question. Same thing for mine. The only indication I see of any integrity at all is that our comments remain on the thread.

      • http://www.cracksinthecrescent.com Hussein

        The only indication I see of any integrity at all is that our comments remain on the thread.

        I wrote this post in response to two others which claimed that EC came to the US on September 13, 1969, all based on his father’s naturalization record. They were misleading readers and I penned this one just to show that the document does not have information on EC. Nothing was new. Only EC or his naturalization record will show the actual date.
        As for comments, I rarely delete even offensive ones. Just scroll down and see for yourself. Thank you for your contribution.

        • Bennett Willis

          White’s latest post is more of the same regarding EC talking inaccurately about EC. There seems to be an endless string of EC recordings to review–and many of them say similar (sometimes more embellished than others) things. Now we see a video relating (among many other fables) his Father’s telling the Abraham lie. This seems a rather elaborate mis-speak. Did I hear the word “polygamous” in there or was it just implied?

          How could EC have said these things? Do you feel that he believed them? He sounds as if he believes them. He certainly expects that his audience will believe what he says.

  • Bennett Willis

    When do you think that EC arrived in the US and why do you believe that date?

    I can understand that you do not know an exact date, but within a year or two would be quite adequate to clarify things. Or even three or four years.

    Prediction: No date will be given.

  • Craig Daliessio

    Hussein Hussein Hussein…
    C’mon man…connect the dots. I mean the man was THREE at the time. for God’s sake! he was undoubtedly journaling all of this so that he would get his facts straight. I mean after all, if you’re going to run a good con you need to know the details. This is the age of information…nobody answers a question from the AP in an off the cuff fashion. He was three! Surely he has vivid memories of the date, the time, the color of the airplane they flew on, what they served on the flight, what street ABBA lived on in Sweden.
    Three year olds are very cognizant of that stuff and as they grow up they study and rehearse those facts because, hey…you never know when you might become well known and someone might ask you the exact date you immigrated from a foreign country
    The fear of getting those dates wrong is something everyone lives with from early childhood, isn’t it? I mean MY parents rehearsed the dates when my grandparents immigrated each night at the kitchen table, so there was no way I would ever have screwed that up.
    All you sleuths should just go get a part time job and donate the money to charity and leave this man alone.

    • http://www.cracksinthecrescent.com Hussein

      Pastor Squirrel, Mark, Curt, Craig & Salvatore,
      I am sorry for the delay in commenting. I was out of town and could not contribute to the discussion. This post is a response to blog articles which concluded that Dr. Ergun Caner arrived in September 1969, all based on his father, Mr. Acer Caner’s naturalization document. That was my point and still is. Thank you for the discussion.

      • http://babyloniansquirrel.blogspot.com Squirrel

        As an example… wouldn’t the date that Noah got off the Ark be a clue as to when Shem disembarked? Just a thought…


  • Salvatore Mazzotta

    OK, here’s what happened: Acar Caner came to the USA in Sept. 1969. His wife followed in a few months (in time to conceive Emir). Meanwhile, Ergun stayed behind in Turkey, in order to complete his terrorist training (which begins at 18 months of age for most Muslim boys).

    Years later, as an exemplary young Jihadi, he earned scholarships to advanced terror training camps in Beirut and Cairo, where he honed his skills in bomb-making, urban assault, and flying airliners into targets.

    He then joined his family in Ohio in 1979.

    It all fits.

    • Bennett Willis

      Are you being sarcastic or defending EC? It is impossible to tell from the words. :)

  • http://hereiblog.com/ Mark

    Hussein, It seems that IF Ergun did not arrive in the USA with his father that he would have only been a few months behind. Nine months prior to Emir’s Ohio birth in August 1970 would be December 1969. Acar came to the States in Sept 13, 1969. So the parents had to have been together before the end of 1969. Unless Emir was premature and all of the family was not together until around Jan. or Feb. 1970.

    In summary, if Ergun did not come to America with his dad in Sept. 1969 he arrived in Dec. or possible as late as Fed. 1970, a span of less than five months.

  • Curt


    As has been pointed out, the AP reported on June 25th, 2010 that Dr. Caner told them in 2002 that he came to Ohio in 1969. The fact that the details of this were not first published in the 2002 article does not therefore mean that Dr. Caner never told them that. Surely you agree.

    Do you believe that the AP is lying about when they say Dr. Caner told them he came to the States?


  • http://babyloniansquirrel.blogspot.com Squirrel


    According to the Associate Press article dated June 25, 2010:

    He told The Associated Press in 2002 that he was born in Sweden to a Turkish father and Swedish mother, who brought the family to Ohio in 1969, when he was about 3 years old.

    So, yes, it June 2010 the Associated Press told us that Ergan Caner told them in 2002 that he was about 3 when the family moved to Ohio in 1969, which fits exactly what Mr. Smather’s research has discovered. (Unless, of course, the AP is part of the vast Islamo-Calvinist Cabal’s plot to “get” Ergun Caner…)


  • http://hereiblog.com/ Mark

    He told The Associated Press in 2002 that he was born in Sweden to a Turkish father and Swedish mother, who brought the family to Ohio in 1969, when he was about 3 years old.”

    • http://www.cracksinthecrescent.com Hussein

      Where is the Associated Press article from 2002? Is it not the one available at Alpha & Omega Ministries? You are providing a June, 2010 article.
      What elicited my post is Dr. White and Mr. Smathers’ contention that Mr. Acer Caner’s neutralization document proves Dr. Ergun Caner arrived in the US on September 13, 1969. So far, we have no proof.

  • M Burke

    And remember, Ergun Caner himself told that AP reporter in 2002 that he did, in fact, come here in 1969.

    • http://www.cracksinthecrescent.com Hussein

      Would you please provide that AP article? The one I am aware of does NOT state that he came to the US in 1969. Here it is, courtesy of Dr. James White’s Alpha and Omega Ministries.

  • M Burke

    1. Caner has said repeatedly that he came to the US with his father… are YOU now disputing that?

    2. So you are now suggesting that Dr. Ergun Michael Caner came to the US apart from his father, LONG after his father immigrated here?

    3. What matters about the name change is the fact that Ergun was never named Mehmet and his father only took the name legally in 1980. Ergun’s legal middle name is Michael, never Mehmet.

    Are the facts just too difficult for you to accept that you have to drown them out with fictions of your own making?

    • http://www.cracksinthecrescent.com Hussein


      There is no information from Mr. Acer Caner’s naturalization document that shows that Dr. Ergun Caner immigrated in 1969. Am I missing anything? That has been the conclusion of Dr. White and Mr. Smathers.
      About the name change, would you please explain the motive behind Mr. Acer Caner changing his middle name? You seem to know. Also, would you please explain why the naturalization document shows Mr. Caner had previously legally used Mehmet as his middle name? Thank you.

  • aaron (former LU student)

    I have a crazy idea… why doesn’t Ergun just be open and honest with the public on this… he has the power to put all this at rest!!! He lied/ He did not lie… whatever… just take some responsibility for what has happened! Even Tiger Woods addressed it publically!

    Another thought… what will he say when his teenager is caught in a lie and he says to Ergun, “Dad it was just a misstatement not a lie!”

    Sadly the damage has been done… time to own up to it in person!

  • Jeron

    Your hypothesis only gives you a matter of months unless of course his wife became impregnated via long distance.

  • http://hereiblog.com/ Mark

    How should I understand the dates and circumstances according to your statements? On Sept. 13, 1969 Acar arrived in the U.S.A. On this date Ergun was almost 3 years. Am I to understand that your assertion is that Acar did not bring his almost 3 year old son with him?

    • http://www.cracksinthecrescent.com Hussein

      Good question. Even to this day, many immigrant men come to the United States without their family, only to go back and get them when they have a place ready for them. So far, no evidence shows that Mr. Acer Mehment Caner came to the United States with his wife and “his almost 3 year old son” on September 13, 1969.

      • rrr

        I can’t decide if you’re being willingly obtuse or you know something we don’t. If the later, it might help to come clean before you shatter your reputation. I had never heard of you before but after seeing you consistently respond in this manner, I wouldn’t darken a doorstep where you spoke and I certainly wouldn’t recommend your books.

        • http://www.cracksinthecrescent.com Hussein

          I had never heard of you before but after seeing you consistently respond in this manner, I wouldn’t darken a doorstep where you spoke and I certainly wouldn’t recommend your books.

          Whatever your name is:
          I do not need your defense of my reputation. You can join in with Muslims who have reviewed my book without even reading it. How honest is that! You aren’t the first one to write about how my reputation is at stake. Those who know me, know what kind of a person I am. And God knows my heart. I do not need your recommendation or that of opportunists. Thank you very much for your concern.

        • Bennett Willis

          Since Mr. Wario has been responding in this manner for months, I have decided that he is being “willingly obtuse.” He consistently refuses to address documented problems and the response you saw is a typical one.

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