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August 9th, 2010

Video Footage-Acts 17 Apologetics Framed in Dearborn

I received an email from Jason Smathers of Witnesses Unto Me a few hours ago. He says that he has watched all raw footage from three Acts 17 Apologetics’ videos. He directed me to his blog and here is a part of what he says. To read the whole entry, please follow the link below. Thank you, Jason. I will post a longer article, Lord willing, tomorrow. Jason, the investigator, in his own words:

Roger Williams affirmed the police report against Acts 17 to be accurate in an interview with Witnesses Unto Me and is sticking by his statements made to police. Acts 17 allowed Witnesses Unto Me access to the raw unedited video footage from three cameras to see what really took place.
The incident Williams reported to the police sounds quite long. The police recount Williams testimony “He added that he felt extremely uncomfortable and thought he could not leave although he attempted to several times.” In reality, the situation captured on video matches David Wood’s testimony in a previous interview with Witnesses Unto Me. In fact, Williams had radioed the police only thirty seconds after the interaction began…
Read the rest of the story here.