Good Friday: Did Jesus Die? Islam Dilemma

Today is Good Friday. This is the day those of us who are followers of Jesus Christ commemorate his suffering and death. Our salvation would be in vain had Jesus not died and resurrected. Do you know most Muslims believe Jesus was never crucified or died? Only a small minority most Muslims consider heretics believes Jesus died a natural death in Kashmir many years after he supposedly escaped the crucifixion. The majority believes a Jesus look-alike was crucified while the real Jesus ascended to heaven. They believe he will return at the end of the world. All these Muslims draw their conclusions about Jesus’ supposed fate from the Qur’an. The travel to Kashmir is not in the Qur’an or the Hadith. Majority of Muslims who denies the death of Jesus claims since Jesus was a prophet of Allah, Allah wouldn’t have left him to die such a horrible death.

One thing Muslims would not say or are just ignorant of; Allah was silent about Jesus’ death the first 12 years of Islam. It was only after Prophet Muhammad’s arrival in Medina when Allah supposedly started objecting to the death of Jesus Christ. It was not like Christians in Arabia did not celebrate Easter. The issue surrounding the death of Jesus Christ was not an issue in Islam. In fact Allah—the all-knowing—was silent in Mecca over the fate of Jesus.

Verses from the Qur’an revealed in Mecca show ALL prophets who had preceded Muhammad died. Muslims consider Jesus as one of these prophets. Sura Al-Anbiya, chapter 21 of the Qur’an, verses 7 and 8, “And We sent not (as Our messengers) before thee other than men, whom We inspired. Ask the followers of the Reminder if ye know not? We gave them not bodies that would not eat food, nor were they immortals.” And then verse 34 of the same chapter, “We appointed immortality for no mortal before thee. What! if thou diest, can they be immortal!”

Since majority of Muslims believes that Jesus has not died yet, does that mean Jesus as Muslims understand him is immortal? These verses certainly show all prophets before Prophet Muhammad died because all of them were mortal. Muslims who argue a prophet of Allah shouldn’t be subjected to suffer need to read about circumstances that led Prophet Muhammad’s death. I hope they have answers to the three years he suffered as a result of the poisoned lamb he ate. The Hadith has the whole story. The two facts—Muhammad’s suffering and death and all prophets’ mortality—simply confound Muslims contention about the suffering and death of Jesus Christ. Have fun engaging your Muslim friends this Easter.

  • luchadora41

    There are so many misstatements in the Quran it’s hard to keep track. Yes, Hussein, Muhammad did die a horrible death and Allah didn’t save him. Yes, Save Muslims, you’re right..they have to reduce Jesus to a “prophet” to elevate Muhammad. He requires Muslims to die! For what? I invite you to read my blog entitled The Quran In Its Own Words and Who Was Muhammad And What Is A Hadith. God has given me a heart for Ishmael, and I reach out to moderate (and not so moderate) Muslims and invite them for a thoughtful discussion on the Quran…and what Allah truly requires of them.

    • Hussein

      Thank you for your comment, Kristy! May the Lord continue to bless you as you “reach out to moderate (and not so moderate) Muslims.”

  • Hm

    Your argument is baseless and incompelete. Please don’t rely on one part and leave the rest of the Quran. Mohamed didn’t suffer, but rather God gave him supporters that took him from Suffering in Mecca to Medina, and his death was natural.

    • Hussein

      Please, prove my arguments wrong before you make blatant statements. The Qurán claims to be bear a clear message. What part should I reference? Please point it out to me. As for Prophet Muhammad’s death, you are simply lying because the Hadith clearly shows the extent of his sufferings. Do you know what his last words were? How about the pain he suffered? The Hadith states, “The Prophet in his ailment in which he died, used to say, “O ‘Aisha! I still feel the pain caused by the food I ate at Khaibar, and at this time, I feel as if my aorta is being cut from that poison.”" You probably don’t trust me but that is okay and you can read for yourself in the Hadith here.

  • Fredericka

    Very helpful article!

    • Save Muslims

      We need to spread the truth about the crucifixion of Christ. Mohammed had to minimize the importance of Jesus, so that he could elevate himself to the status of a prophet. Give the Word to those who call themselves Muslims and save them.