Insider Movement Advocates Masquerade as Islamic Teachers?

Wycliffe has no official position on the Insider Movement even when it appears there are Insider proponents and advocates among its Bible translators, linguists and missiologists. (The current Bible translation controversy is proof.) Here is a good example of what Insider Movement is about. A Malay Muslim has busted an operation in Malaysia. How can Christians pretend to be Islamic teachers (ustaz) in order to reach Muslims with the Gospel? Have we forgotten how to evangelize?

The news story also shows Southern Baptist International Mission Board endorsed “Camel Method” is used in Malaysia. Parts of the news report read [Emphasis mine]:

A Muslim man claiming to be a former apostate who has since returned to Islam said today his Christian group leaders masqueraded as ustaz to approach Muslims to convert them.

Ramli says in the 42-minute recording that these people, some of whom were ‘orang putih’ (Caucasians), would wear ketayap (turbans) and jubah (robes) and go to mosques in an attempt to get close to Muslims.

“That is how they slowly infiltrate. When they first approach Muslims, they do not use the Bible but they use the Quran… this is called the cameo [sic] method,” claimed Ramli, who had previously worked with the organisation after being converted.

Hasan had previously made similar claims that Christian groups had impersonated as Muslims in an attempt to approach the community.

“I still remember when my wife saw this, she asked me who this ustaz was… Their method was very subtle, they used Quranic verses as a bridge for you to cross over and after you have crossed into Christianity, only then will they give you a Bible,” Ramli says.

The video interview featuring Ramli, 47, and his wife, Zakiah Musa, 42 (not her real name), was screened to journalists at Hasan’s residence in Kuala Lumpur this afternoon.

The organisation also tasked him with translating a contextual version of the New Testament into Malay, so that it could be easily understood by Muslims.

“It (the translated Bible) was to be Muslim-friendly, so that when Muslims read it, they can accept that the Bible is from Allah,” he said.

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  • Abe

    What a disgrace & shame. Why can’t you call spade a spade? Does the practice of Camel Method & Insider Movements display that Church can fall so low by carrying out deception they could share their message. When your first foot is in the ditch, how could you expect to come out even if the other is not in it?

  • Benelchi


    One of the most prominent and well published “insider” missiologists described the insider movement to me exactly as you have described it here. The problem is that the practices of “insider” missiologists do not conform with the description you gave. For example, the same insider missiolgist who described the “insider movement” as you have, later published in his news letter the story of how he had helped a young Christian man who had come to faith in Christ while in the US for college understand that he did not have to abandon his Islamic faith. As he recounts in his news letter, through many discussions he was to lead this new believer into accepting an “insider” expression of his faith. This was a man actively involved in a local Evangelical Christian church. I have heard the testimony from many missionaries where the “insider” missiologists are actively evangelizing those who have already made a profession of faith in Christ that mirrors the example I recounted here. Additionally, I have recently read about one missions organization that required national believers in Christ to make a formal profession of faith in Islam if they wanted to work for the missions organization i.e. adopt a “insider” expression of faith if you want a job form of coercion. I have found that the reality of the “insider movement” is quite different from what “insider” advocates would have us believe.

  • David

    I appreciate the blogs on this site, but it seems in this case the blog has misrepresented what insider movements really are. Many people confuse insider movements with a missionary methodology, but that is not the way missiologists use the term. Rather insider movements are a social phenomenon that take place when people of other religious traditions come in contact with the gospel and decide on their own to remain within their religious tradition while following Jesus as Savior and Lord. While their may be missionaries masquerading as Muslims, and their may be missionaries encouraging MBBs to remain Muslims, such activity is not an insider movement, by definition. Blessings friend!