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August 6th, 2010

Acts 17 Apologetics’ Claims Examined

My Free Speech Trumps the Gospel” was supposed to be my last post relating to Acts 17 Apologetics but here we are again. Since my last post, there have been two posts attempting to discredit me. David Wood even recruited people to take on me. Here is his call to them, “I hereby invite our readers (especially you, Fat Man!) to thoroughly expose Hussein Wario, and to continue drawing attention to his deceptions, until he repents of this profound wickedness.” Fat Man indeed answered Mr. Wood’s call and attempted, masquerading as an African Inland Mission missionary to Kenya. He failed miserably with his comment initial here. He has since remained silent, whining about my book.

Jason Smathers of Witnesses Unto Me claims that I criticize Acts 17 Apologetics because of my “extreme devotion to Ergun Caner… [because] James Dr. White brought attention to Ergun Caner’s sin,” I “became enraged” and “when Dr. White supported Acts 17, it was “guilty by association.” I would like to set the record straight. Fist of all, I am not a devotee of Dr. Caner. I came to his defense simply because Muslims were dismissing him as a fake ex-Muslim. Secondly, I am not pointing out problems with Acts 17 Apologetics because of my previous support for Dr. Caner. You can read my blog, starting with the initial one on May 12, and find out for yourself whether I was excusing Dr. Caner’s sin.

Here is why I am involved. Whereas Dr. Caner was quiet, Acts 17 Apologetics has been defending itself, accusing everyone who has disagreed with them, even threatening “to expose” him or her. I know at least one other individual who Mr. Wood has threatened… is that what Dr. Ergun Caner did? Did he take it to the radio or his blog to call his critics liars? Did Dr. Caner dismiss his fellows who were involved in outreach to Muslims as impostors? Acts 17 and Dr. White dismissed Josh McDowell’s ministry in Dearborn. Ali El Hajj responded to Dr. White’s criticism of Josh here. I did it too, here.

I have never heard of defendants in a criminal case who are in their right mind  even when all evidence points to their innocence) talk publicly about an impending trial lest they are willing to prejudice their case. The following are contradictions that Acts 17 Apologetics have exhibited publicly. I will give context for each and every one of them lest Mr. Wood accuses me of taking their words out of context again.

Mr. Wood told Jason Smathers last week that “he was unaware of the policy preventing leafleting within five blocks and was not aware of Pastor George’s case until after he was detained for attempting to leaflet” on Sunday, June 20, 2010, two days after he was arrested. Jason is really good at investigating but I am surprised that he did not catch that Mr. Wood contradicts himself from what he said a few hours before he was arrested on Friday, June 18, 2010. Here is the video at 6:00-6:12 mark. Acts 17 Enters the Dearborn Arab Festival (PART ONE), “If you are a Christian here, if you want to walk up in so much as to give a pamphlet to someone who disagrees with you, to a Muslim, you will be arrested and forced to leave this public street.”

Also, on Saturday, June 19, the day after their arrest, Dr. Nabeel Qureish said, they did “not handout pamphlets whatsoever.” Why? They would have risked arrest. This shows they knew the festival rules were clear. People (Christians, Muslims and other non-Muslims) were required to handout literature from a booth. No exception. These guys knew the rules of the festival before hand and they went leafleting anyway two days after their arrest, looking for trouble. It is very sad how Mr. Wood deceives his audience. I am shocked that even Jason the investigator has been duped! How could Mr. Wood claim last week he did not know the rules last week? Here is their video, “Arab Festival 2010: Arrested for Being Christian Preachers in Dearborn,” Watch from 2:49 minute mark.

Mr. Wood’s story is changing. He said in response to a comment on my blog, “It still amazes me that people have to make things up in order to attack us. When did we say that no evangelism was allowed in Dearborn? When did we say that no one was free to distribute Bibles in Dearborn? This is sheer deception on the part of our critics.” He says in the above-mentioned video they would be arrested for distributing Bibles in Dearborn. Do his claims—given at various places and times—comport with the video from the first day of the festival? Absolutely not!

Two things are clear so far. Acts 17 Apologetics knew the rules of the festival. The initial video recorded when they entering the festival proves it. Their critics have not been changing their version of their story; Acts 17 has.

Negeen’s Arrest: I pointed out a video yesterday that shows that Mr. Wood has been misleading the public about what transpired before Negeen’s arrest. She wasn’t arrested as soon as the police stopped her. In fact, the other arrests could have been avoided had she complied. The police would have investigated the “criminal complaint” and left them alone. Read the police report for yourself. Mr. Wood wasn’t pleased with my observation because I was pointing to a video, which another Christian had put together from Acts 17 Apologetics footage showing events leading to the arrest. He was incensed and unleashed his followers on me. Here is the video.

Mr. Wood and his followers were upset that I was unconcerned of Negeen’s arrest. I am very concerned. However, if her behavior toward the police officer does not disturb you as a Christian, you have a problem understanding “submission to authority.” Mr. Wood even quotes two states’ laws on Acts 17 Apologetics web page justifying Negeen’s resisting arrest:

An illegal arrest is an assault and battery. The person so attempted to be restrained of his or her liberty has the same right to use force in defending him or herself as he or she would in repelling any other assault and battery.” (State v. Robinson, 145 ME. 77, 72 ATL. 260).

Each person has the right to resist an unlawful arrest. In such a case, the person attempting the arrest stands in the position of a wrongdoer and may be resisted by the use of force, as in self- defense.” (State v. Mobley, 240 N.C. 476, 83 S.E. 2d 100).

some guy named Paul tried to challenge how Mr. Wood quoted Maine and North Carolina state laws to argue a criminal case in Michigan. He has essentially been debunked but he can’t accept it. Here is his response, “Nice try Paul. The point is that everyone is attacking Negeen (including you, it seems), because she questioned the officer’s order. But he had no right to tell her to stop filming, and he had no right to put his hand on her. Are you saying that the Constitution suddenly changes in Michigan, and that police can illegally seize property, and illegally put their hands on a young girl who hasn’t done anything wrong? I hope you never get to make laws in our country! It would be a very different place if people lose their rights!” He has not shown that it is legal in Michigan to resist arrest. Then why does he still have these laws on his website to justify her resisting arrest? Mr. Wood is evasive.

Was Negeen proud of her bravery? Absolutely not! She was embarrassed and apologized to the police for her actions. The police report, “[Negeen] Mayel finally became cooperative and stated that she told by Qureshi, Wood and Rezkalla to “continue filming no matter what”. She further stated that she had nothing to do with the incident with Williams… she repeatedly apologized for her actions and stated she was only doing what she was told to do.” Page 11.” I am proud of Negeen for apologizing for her dismissal attitude toward the police. How sad that she was misled into resisting arrest because Mr. Wood et al wanted footage! Who would save her from being manipulated!

Mr. Wood’s deception went nationwide. Fox News picked up the story. Mr. Wood and his lawyer appeared on the program. The host talked about how the four were arrested that day in Dearborn. Fox News host even said Christians were “arrested for handing out copies of the Gospel of John.” Neither Mr. Wood nor his lawyer refuted that false statement about the alleged arrest. I doubt they told the host that the footage was taped two days after the arrests. What did Fox News do with the video? It is no longer available on Fox News website. I wonder if they know what some of us know.

Kelly Boggs of the Baptist Press lambasted the City of Dearborn after the arrest. He was misled and believed the same story Fox News disseminated. He investigated the matter and later apologized for his error. He wrote in his apology, “The Baptist State Convention of Michigan also distributed materials during the festival. “Our teams had a strong presence and had no issues at all,” wrote Carlos Liese, language ministry leader with the Michigan convention, in an e-mail. “Our volunteers had many conversations about Christ with participants, passed out 2000 ‘Jesus Film’ DVDs and 500 copies of the Gospel of John and Romans in Arabic.”” Those Baptists were actually busy doing what Acts 17 Apologetics claimed to be doing “illegally.” Drop your cameras and carry some Bibles next year!

Why is Acts 17 Apologetics misleading the public? Why does Dr. White still support them? Iron Sharpens Iron hosts said Acts 17 “ministry comes very highly recommended by frequent “Iron Sharpens Iron” guest, renowned Christian apologist and biblical scholar Dr. James R. White of Alpha & Omega Ministries.” At 15:00-17:00, Mr. Wood said, “Astonishingly, they didn’t erase all the footage, so we started posting the footage immediately and all the people who were criticizing and condemning us have been shockingly silent.”

And why would Mr. Wood lie on Iron Sharpens Iron about the police and their video footage and also Christians who disagree with his contradictory statements?

More of Mr. Wood’s deception: He still claims that he had permission to tape Muslims in 2009. Here is one case, just as he entered the festival this year. In a video “Acts 17 Enters the Dearborn Arab Festival (PART ONE)”. At minute 0:50-1:09, Mr. David Wood says, “Muslims at the booth gave us permission twice” to tape.

Here is a video that exposes how Mr. Wood is misleading the public.

Acts 17 Apologetics did not have permission to record conversations and they were also harassing people last year. Why would Mr. Wood lie? Watch it for yourself here.

Even Christians who believed Mr. Wood’s and Acts 17 Apologetic’s initial story are beginning to have doubts. I hope Acts 17 Apologetics apologizes to Dearborn Police Department, especially for Mr. Wood’s conduct. They should heed the advice of their fellow Christians and get their own booth next year. As they already know, failure to obey the rules of the festival—getting a booth—they might as well get ready for another night or more in jail. Mr. Wood said a few hours before his arrest, “Just as a piece of advice to all Muslims in the world, if you don’t want us to do something, don’t threaten us, then we have to do it.” Acts 17 Enters Dearborn Part I. minute 6:15-6:56. Acts 17 Apologetics should exercise some wisdom and stop acting on your impulses just because some Muslims taunt you. They need to repent for their deception.


Acts 17 Apologetics missionaries would have avoided the arrest had Negeen complied with the officer’s request to investigate the “criminal complaint.” It is very possible that Mr. Williams “framed” them even though they had at one point, according to witnesses, blocked “a whole road” with the crowd gathered around them. I have nothing against them, except they have so many holes in their story, especially Mr. Wood, and are arrogant.