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March 1st, 2010


Cracks in the Crescent (252 pages, paperback, printed by Bethany Press International) has received excellent reviews. (You can read the first four chapters HERE.) Here are samples of what readers and reviewers have to say. So far, it has received nothing but five star ratings on

A must read for anyone interested in Muslim-Christian dialogue. An intense story of the author’s struggle to leave Islam, the religion he was raised up in, and the numerous attempts on his life for embracing Christianity. Along his journey, the author discusses several inconsistencies with Islam between theology and its practice and how it affects the Muslim-Christian dialogue.

The author was formally trained in both an Islamic Madrassa and a Christian University—having experienced both religions in personal and dramatic ways. It is from this perspective that he is able to discuss these controversial issues in ways few others could.

David V., College Station, TX.

Informative and Well Written. Excellent. This book presents the stark contrast between Christianity and Islam in a true story narrative. Anyone who is interested in knowing the difference in thought and belief between the two should buy this book and read it.

Steve M., Philadelphia, PA.

Very informative

Charles R.W., Grand Rapids, MI.

truly remarkable testimony of God’s grace…engaging and moving…

Rex M. Rogers, President, SAT-7 USA

He meets his detractors at their level and because of his knowledge of both the Bible and Qur’an, is able to handle questions from Muslims with ease. If you are unfamiliar with Islam and its beliefs, this is an excellent book to have on hand. Christians should know what Muslims think about Christianity and the author has written a book unlike any other that I have read on the subject of Islam. This would also be an excellent book to give to Muslims because it shows quite clearly where they have been misinformed about Christians and in particular Jesus.  If you have Muslim friends you want to get this book!

Interviews & Reviews, Canada

Found it helpful

Dr. Larsen, Professor of Islamic Studies

The fact that it is autobiographical adds an important dimension that most books on Islam lack…. very special.

Dr. R. Greenway, Professor of Missiology

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Newspaper & Magazine Review

“Must read”

Standard Bearer

“Readers will learn much about Islam from a man who has experienced the best and worst of it.”

Grand Rapids Press