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August 26th, 2011

Ramadan 27, Laylatul Qadr (Night of Power) and Jesus Christ

Tonight is 27th night of the Islamic month of Ramadhan. Most Muslims around the world keep watch tonight because they believe tonight is the anniversary of the “Night of Power,” the night the Qur’an was first revealed to Prophet Muhammad. The Qur’an claims this night is “more important than a thousand months.” Muslims are enjoined to keep watch because angels supposedly descend to bring blessings and mercy to those who keep watch.

Prophet Muhammad emphasized the importance of this night when he said, “Whoever established prayers on the night of Qadr out of sincere faith and hoping for a reward from Allah, then all his previous sins will be forgiven; and whoever fasts in the month of Ramadan out of sincere faith, and hoping for a reward from Allah, then all his previous sins will be forgiven.”

Muslims around the world recite the Qur’an and pray while waiting observing Laylatul Qadr (Night of Power). One of them pleads, “lailatul qadr’ please come to me…” while another one, “I’m looking for Laylatul Qadr :) ” I used to stay up reciting the Qur’an, praying and waiting in vain.

As important as this night is to Islam and Muslims, this supposedly momentous night was unimportant the first 14 years of Islam. Even non-Muslims know Prophet Muhammad started receiving the Qur’an in 610 A.D. If this day were so sacred that even angels supposedly descend in multitude to listen to the prayers and supplications of Muslims, why was it unimportant for more than a decade after the advent of Islam?

The fast during the Islamic month of Ramadhan and the Night of Power go together. In the case of the fast, it was not invented until 14 years after the first revelation of the Qur’an. Prophet Muhammad used to have no a problem with observing the Jewish fast even after the Islamic calendar was invented in 621 A.D. Here is what happened:

1.      When Prophet Muhammad migrated to Medina, he encountered Jews who were fasting and asked them why they were fasting. He learned from them they fasted due to Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement). And he observed their fast. No mention of the Night of Power.

2.      Prophet Muhammad commanded Muslims to observe the Jewish fast. In the Qur’an “Fasting is prescribed to you as prescribed to those before” refers to the Jewish fast. Again, there is no mention of the Night of Power because Ramadhan had not been invented yet.

3.      Then Prophet Muhammad had fallout with the Jews in Medina. He concocted fast during Ramadhan but he did not make it compulsory. Verse 184 of Suratul Al-Baqara (chapter 2 of the Qur’an) clearly shows Ramadhan was optional. The Hadith shows it as well. Ramadhan had been invented but as important as the Night of Power is to Muslims, there is no mention of it.

4.      Prophet Muhammad made the Jewish fast optional.

5.      Then when Muhammad had further fallout with Jews, he banned Muslims from observing the Jewish fast and made Ramadhan compulsory. Only then was the Night of Power observed.

The observance of the Night of Power is not of God because it is dependent on the fast, which is of Muhammad’s invention and also obsolete because there are certain parts of the Polar Regions where Muslims live where the sun does not set today. Muslims should not waste their time keeping watch tonight for what Muslims during the advent of Islam did not consider important at least during the first 14 years after the first revelations of the Qur’an. Instead, they should turn to Jesus Christ who came into the world so that those who believe in Him can have the assurance of salvation.

Why should Muslims depend on a particular night every year for something Jesus accomplished more than 2000 years ago! Some Muslims are seeing the Light! A friend, a former Muslim himself, sent me a text earlier today saying, “Hi brother this week Sunday we will baptize a family (4 persons) of Muslims from Turkey who gave their life to Jesus. You are very welcome to come join us. Praise God King Jesus. Thank u for your prayers.” We rejoice with these new believers. They will not be keeping watch tonight for this false assurance. May the Lord draw many more to Himself!