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August 23rd, 2010

All-Knowing Allah and the Fast during Ramadhan

The Qur’an claims to be true and clear. It came from the all-knowing Allah and it contains instructions on Muslim practices, among others, fasting during the Islamic holy month of Ramadhan. If Allah’s message is clear and true, should there be room for confusion among Muslims? Let us see. Allah said in Suratul Al-Baqara, 2:183—185, 187:

Verse 183: O ye who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before, that ye may (learn) self-restraint,-

Verse 184: (Fasting) for a fixed number of days; but if any of you is ill, or on a journey, the prescribed number (Should be made up) from days later. For those who can do it (With hardship), is a ransom, the feeding of one that is indigent. But he that will give more, of his own free will,- it is better for him. And it is better for you that ye fast, if ye only knew.

Verse 185: Ramadhan is the (month) in which was sent down the Qur’an, as a guide to mankind, also clear (Signs) for guidance and judgment (Between right and wrong). So every one of you who is present (at his home) during that month should spend it in fasting, but if any one is ill, or on a journey, the prescribed period (Should be made up) by days later. Allah intends every facility for you; He does not want to put to difficulties. (He wants you) to complete the prescribed period, and to glorify Him in that He has guided you; and perchance ye shall be grateful.

Verse 187: Permitted to you, on the night of the fasts, is the approach to your wives. They are your garments and ye are their garments. Allah knoweth what ye used to do secretly among yourselves; but He turned to you and forgave you; so now associate with them, and seek what Allah Hath ordained for you, and eat and drink, until the white thread of dawn appear to you distinct from its black thread; then complete your fast Till the night appears; but do not associate with your wives while ye are in retreat in the mosques. Those are Limits (set by) Allah: Approach not nigh thereto. Thus doth Allah make clear His Signs to men: that they may learn self-restraint.

I asked a Muslim how the all-knowing Allah gave a decree to fast from dawn to dusk during Ramadhan while it was and is still the case in some parts of the world the sun does not rise and set during certain winter and summer months respectively? I gave him an example of Muslims in Barrow, Alaska, who cannot observe the fast right now because the sun sets and rises before they can break the fast, pray and eat iftar (the evening meal after maghrib prayer), then the sun rises again, and does not set for another 22.5 hours. Since the Qur’an and also Prophet Muhammad claims in the Hadith Allah is all knowing and almighty, if he actually knew places like Alaska when he decreed fast during Ramadhan.

Omar likes to discuss Islam with Christians. Here is his response:

You are like 30-40 for god’s sake and you still act like a child. If your wife read the things you said, she would have divorced you for being soooooo stupid about common knowledge [sic]. PEOPLE IN ALASKA HAVE TV’s AND CALENDARS.

Omar seems oblivious to the fact austere Islam bans television. Al-Shabaab in Somalia and Taliban in Afghanistan are prime examples. Why should Muslims turn to TVs and calendars for help when Allah clearly determined that during Ramadhan the day should be for FAST and the night for FEAST? Modern Muslim scholars have issued fatwa that allows Muslims in places like Barrow, Alaska, to observe Ramadhan according to the time in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Why was this necessary when Allah’s message, the Qur’an, claims to be CLEAR and TRUE? Was he even God who should have known His creation?

August 4th, 2010

Fast during Ramadhan and a Christian

Every Muslim must fast from dawn to dusk during the entire month of Ramadhan (Ramadan), the ninth month of the Hijr calendar (Islamic calendar, lunar), for 29 or 30 days because Allah commands it. This command was given because Allah said the Qur’an was revealed during this month and other prophets before Prophet Muhammad observed it. The sick, travelers and menstruating or expectant women are exempt but they are required to make up for the days missed. Children before the onset of puberty are also exempt.

What should Christians do during Ramadhan? We should pray for Muslims in our neighborhood, city, and country and around the world. We should also make an effort to meet those in our community.

Here is one way to prepare for this task. It is not too late to join your fellow Christians who pray for Muslim around the world during the month of Ramadhan. There is a booklet that has been in use for 19 years. 30 Days of Prayer for Muslim World gives overviews of Muslim populations in various countries, profiles of some unreached people groups and also contains testimonies of Christians of Muslim background. You can get copies for yourself or your church from Mission Network News here or World Christian here. These booklets are very helpful. May God use you mightily as you strive to live the Great Commission!

This year, Ramadhan is projected to start on Wednesday, August 11—at the sighting of the new crescent at dusk with fast beginning at dawn on the 12th—and the last day might be on Thursday, September 9.

I will be writing articles throughout the month, mostly utilizing the Qur’an and the Hadith, to show the CRACKS in the fast. Did God sanction it? Was he an all-knowing God? Stay tuned. May the Lord use you to open the eyes of your Muslim neighbor to the Truth!